The Myth of Aging
Aug 3, 2022

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At almost 77 years young, I'm actually in the best health I have ever experienced. Two years ago I left Florida and headed for the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, U.S.A. I didn't know anyone except the real estate agent who I met when purchasing a beautiful condo at 3,700 feet, overlooking a national forest. I'm still pinching myself as I awaken each day to a my fabulous reality.

I made a commitment to walk throughout the four seasons, even in the coldest weather, but won't do it on the ice. I gained some much needed weight and more muscles in my lower body from hiking mostly straight up and straight down. Sometimes, I have to traverse the road because of it's steepness. The extra weight of 10 lbs took wrinkles off my face, made it rounder and added a fat pad which I never had when I was younger and thinner.

I know I'm not aging because I actually don't have pain in my feet, which is where people first start getting arthritis. I'm drinking Kangen Water, more than I have ever before. It's delicious and the 9.5 alkalinity is taking whatever inflammation I might have completely out of my body. I'm also a guitarist for fifty years, so I have to take excellent care of my hands.

As a massage therapist and bodyworker, guess who gets to massage my lovely body? Me...that's another reason why I'm not aging. My lymph nodes get touched from my neck, arm pits, groin, knees and always my intestines. I visualize my lymph system as a pink color, plump, healthy and actively on guard.

As we get older, we most definitely need to pay very close attention to the body's need for attention. Body, mind and spirit need to be in harmony as well. This past year, I let my gray hair be free from dyes and chemicals. I think my brain is becoming more active as well. Most of my friends are in their 50s. I'm playing music out and about with a young man my son's age. I have never felt so alive and my creativity is off the charts. My Memoir is completed so I will get into my recording studio to record it as an Audiobook. It's called CANCER Holistically Healed with THE POWER OF RAGE. My original music will accompany the chapters.

If there is anything called Aging, I see it as a positive and a fun challenge. It's a very exciting time in my life.

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Antonella Ercolani
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