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The good does not exist and the bad is massively flawed

Oct 3, 2021
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Journey with me on this thought provoking idea. I'll start it with a simple question.

What is good?
I'll take the most basic example and ask how do we define good people? Take a pause and ask yourself, when have you thought to yourself about someone being good, what made them "good". List out those qualities, good behaviour, a proper sense of etiquettes, a decent modest dress code which isn't making anyone in the room awkward.

So has the realisation occurred yet?
These qualities are basic decency. These qualities are what every person should have, and they do. The labels good and bad have often been demotivating, and invalidating for people. Imagine just casually being your nerdy self in school and you get selected for an award you want no participation in. Its comical to imagine but labels good or bad when involuntarily put on someone is still something that is being done without consent. The good child of the family wont always be that eager to face all the eyes and pressure what comes with it, it isn't his fault to want to do all the things a good child does but the label adds a target, a target no one wants to be under.

So what this is just about people?
No it is not. It affects people yeah but the involuntary
involvement of this word affect almost every thing in our life. "That pizza was really good" yeah but also food is meant to be delicious, a restaurant makes something for you so you could have the best experience of what they can offer. As I mentioned, the label is not hurting anyone here but the other side of the coin is a much darker reality.

"The food we ate yesterday was so bad"
Well if good is not good then newtons third law of motion, we can conclude bad is not bad too right? Yeah. Whereas good is a way of glorying a basic thing, bad is an oversimplification of what should never be simplified. Saying that pizza was bad is indirectly saying everything the chef did was terrible, and is that really true? The only thing a chef wants is to give you the best experience and if one part of a recipe fails or is wrong even, we end up putting the entire thing in a pile of ignorance and hate.
But just like all things, the general term is not as dark as when it comes to seeing the effect it has on people

The dark truth
Calling a person bad without any further comment is
perhaps the most evil thing one could do. We are all
humans, we are all deeply flawed and so no one gave us a right to call out someone on their flaw. A person can have poor etiquettes or poor communication and that is way more complicated than most people allow themselves to comprehend. We cried before we learnt to laugh. As a toddler our only form of communication was crying or laughing, both sides of the positive and the negative, and as we grew we gained aggression. A 2 year old can show aggression, and yet we are so quick to fully blame our classmate with the anger issues, an emotion he developed when he had no sense of his existence, an emotion for which control has to be taught rather than learnt.

So where does that leave us?
My point of writing this is to ask us to stop seeing this world as a binary mess of humans. We are complex we are beautiful, we are redeemable beyond our messes. Everyone is loveable. A bad person in your eyes is one month away from being a good person but he does not get his acceptance because once these lethal labels are put, they are hardly ever taken back.

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