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The Facts Of Forgetfulness And Willpower

Feb 27, 2023
Philip Ebuluofor
Core Spirit member since Jan 31, 2023
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On Saturday, I went to the polling station to cast my vote in his overcharged electro year in Nigeria.

In my unit, we waited for the staff’s of the commission to come and while waiting, a guy I realized was secretly campaigning for one woman barrister running for senate bought drinks for people and that gesture or campaign move made our waiting less cumbersome. Despite pledging to abstain from alcohol throughout this Lenten period, I failed myself and hope I did not fail heaven too.

I have noticed that I am prone to failures of this nature, Lent, Easter or not, Even during my ordinary fasting days, the story at times is the same. At times, I will forget that I am supposed to start my monthly fasting today and rushed breakfast half way before an extension of days that has to be called for.

It is not even a weakness of willpower or something like that. No. I believe that lack of willpower is knowing that this supposed to be so or so but manufactured excuses to do otherwise. My case is a case of the forgetfulness. The thing is that if I am to remember that particular thing, I can shelf whatever Is tempting me until the time is due.

I can handle time and temptation but recalling that I has obligation to fulfill is the my nemesis. That was what happened this past Saturday. I was through with my green bottle when I recall the period we are in.
Abstinence is not what people dabbles in without being sure of themselves. The idea is to continue fighting the forgetfulness until you masters to be current in body and spirit 24 hours. If you fail, extend it to another day until your system knows there is no gain in engaging for a week what is meant for two.

Exercise is what I do once in a week. I commend those that do that each day. That commitment is not a kids play to those who stick to it. Each Thursday, I try to stick to it for an hour and the difference is true in my system. The way people are seeing going out to cast their vote from what they are saying and how they are commending themselves for coming out to assuage their conscience made me wonder about what we call obligations and commitments.

Something is truly wrong with our foundation as individuals and damned nations.

Well, things always happens along the way, change for worse or for good along the way for good for those that believes and worse for those that believes that the world is for the survival of the fittest. Once the youth falls into such loop, that nation has works to do. Nigeria has physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological works to do judging from what many are ascribing their turning out to vote as.

Loud mouth of the soon to go president Mr. Lai Mohammed kept reminding Nigerians that they are leaving the nation better than they found it. From my small room observing things and observing those that never entered into any exam or bought any lottery tickets and yet, waiting for results. Waiting patiently for draws and screaming most to the near misses.

When you spent eight years in office and at the tail end of your stay you start reminding yourself that you leaving everything better than you met them, it is an admission of failure. To avoid engaging in such pitiful activity, know why you are in any office you found yourself and start working on time.
Your words has more power at times than your actions. Watch it.

Thoughts might be the foundation of all things but actions are it’s primary root. It’s motion, hope, rights and security.

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