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The Devastating Impact of an Outdated School System
Feb 2, 2023

Axel Relham
Core Spirit member since Feb 2, 2023
Reading time 5 min.

As I reflect on my own experiences as a student in the traditional school system, I am reminded of the struggles I faced and the ways in which it impacted my personal and academic growth. However, my story is not unique. More and more children are facing similar challenges in an outdated educational system that prioritizes conformity over creativity and rote learning over critical thinking. It is time to shed light on the damaging effects of this system and the urgent need for education reform.

An outdated school system refers to an education system that is no longer relevant or effective in preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of the modern world. It is characterized by strict and inflexible teaching methods, limited individual attention for students, and a focus on memorization and regurgitation rather than critical thinking and problem solving. This type of education system often stifles creativity and innovation, and fails to adequately address the diverse needs and interests of students.

The current school system, in many ways, has remained largely unchanged for over a century, despite significant advancements and shifts in society, technology, and the global economy. As a result, many educators and experts argue that it is essential to modernize the school system in order to better meet the needs and expectations of 21st century learners.

The Emotional Toll

As a student in the traditional school system, I often felt isolated and misunderstood. Being different and not fitting into the mold of what was considered “normal” in the classroom led me to feelings of depression and low self-esteem. I remember spending hours looking out the window and daydreaming, feeling disconnected from the lessons and the people around me.

The pressure to perform well on standardized tests defined my worth and value as a student, and I felt like I was constantly being measured against a rigid set of criteria that did not take into account my unique strengths and weaknesses. To make matters worse, I was often made fun of by classmates who did not understand or accept my differences.

Despite the challenges I faced in the traditional school system, I was fortunate to have a supportive and understanding family who provided a safe haven for me at home. It was in this environment that I was allowed to be myself and pursue my interests and passions without fear of judgment or ridicule.

My home was my sanctuary where I was free to explore my creativity and individuality. My parents encouraged me to think critically, ask questions, and pursue my interests, regardless of whether they aligned with the conventional norms of the educational system. This positive and empowering atmosphere provided a strong foundation for my personal growth and helped me to build the confidence I needed to succeed in life.

Stifling Creativity and Independent Thinking

Collaboration was not encouraged or allowed, and out-of-the-box thinking was often punished. I recall feeling frustrated and discouraged when I was told to stick to the script and follow the established rules, even if they didn’t align with my personal learning style or interests.

I struggled to find motivation and often felt like I was not being challenged or pushed to reach my full potential. The rigid and monotonous nature of the curriculum left little room for creativity or independent thought, and I felt that my individual talents and passions were not being nurtured.

Looking back, I realize that my experiences were not unique, and that many students face similar challenges.

The Long-Term Effects

The limitations and drawbacks of an outdated school system took a toll on my creativity and confidence, much more than I initially thought. I lost my passion for learning and was afraid to fail, which stifled my curiosity and innovative spirit. The strict adherence to established rules and conformity to the norm left little room for independent thinking and experimentation, and I felt like I was not being prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the real world.

Unfortunately, the impact of an outdated school system extended far beyond my school years, affecting my personal and professional growth for years to come. The lack of exposure to diverse perspectives, critical thinking skills, and real-world problem-solving experiences left me ill-equipped to navigate the complexities and uncertainties of the modern world.

Struggle in High School

Despite my growing desire to pursue my interests and passions, I was forced to learn subjects that held no interest or relevance to me. The lack of personalization and flexibility in the curriculum left me feeling frustrated and disengaged, and I struggled to find meaning and purpose in my education.

I recall feeling discouraged and uninspired, knowing that I was spending hours learning information that would have no benefit to me in life. I longed for a more personalized and engaging learning experience that would allow me to explore my passions and pursue my interests, but unfortunately, the traditional school system simply did not offer that.

I found myself increasingly drawn to the idea of dropping out and pursuing my own passions and interests outside of the traditional educational environment. I envisioned starting my own business or exploring entrepreneurial opportunities, where I could apply my skills, creativity, and knowledge in a way that was meaningful and fulfilling.

Breaking Free

In the last year of high school, I found myself unable to continue. Despite my best efforts, I simply could not find fulfillment or purpose in the subjects I was being forced to study. With no other options in sight, I made the difficult decision to leave school before graduating and explore alternative paths.

I was fortunate to have a background in programming, and I spent countless hours honing my skills and working on my own (SaaS) ideas. Over the next five years, I was able to build a successful business and support myself financially, all while pursuing my passions and interests in a way that was meaningful and fulfilling.

While this path was not traditional or conventional, it allowed me to break free from the mold and chart my own course in life. It is a testament to the importance of pursuing what you love and finding fulfillment in your work, regardless of the obstacles or limitations that may stand in your way.

Concerns for the Next Generation

Today, as a parent, I am deeply concerned about my children entering the traditional education system. Based on my own personal experience, I fear that the outdated and rigid structure will stifle their creativity, extinguish their passions, and ultimately cause harm to their mental and emotional wellbeing.

I am now actively exploring alternative education options, including homeschooling, unschooling, and online learning, with the goal of providing my children with a more personalized and flexible learning environment that encourages their individual strengths and interests.

I believe that it is my responsibility as a parent to protect my children from the limitations and drawbacks of the traditional education system and empower them to pursue their own paths in life.


In conclusion, the traditional education system is outdated and damaging for many students, including myself. It fails to accommodate individual learning styles, stifles creativity and curiosity, and can lead to serious harm to a student’s mental and emotional health.

However, there are alternatives available, and more and more parents are exploring these options in order to provide their children with a more personalized and fulfilling education. By embracing new and innovative approaches to learning, we can help to cultivate a brighter future for our children and empower them to succeed in the world on their own terms.

It is time to reevaluate the traditional education system and prioritize the needs and wellbeing of students. Only then can we create a better and more fulfilling learning experience for future generations.

Thank you for reading!

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A very intelligently written article with insights I can relate to.

Afsheen Shah
Feb 7, 2023

This article is so thought provoking. I know I struggled with being different and not fitting in as a child. That truly had a last impact on me as an adult. I have slowly worked through those unresolved issues and trauma.

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