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The beautiful story

Jan 26, 2023
Bantu Chk
Core Spirit member since Aug 12, 2021
Reading time 2 min.

In a soccer stadium, with 94 000 in attendance, there are Over 94 000 stories to be told, for each one in attendance, has a unique special point of view, that is shared with himself alone.
The game may be played just for 90 minutes, but the story of the day is eternal, with so many words,It could fill a library. I like to think myself as a writer who tells about the least of them all, the one not considered in the event, like the janitor, the security guard, the kid who didn’t even know the sport existed.
Those are the special kind of stories, because these guys are in the event for a totally different reason compared to those who for them, is a leisurely event. For these guys it is something more, they have to be there, and most interesting, it is the story behind, the background, the reason why they had to be there.
The kid is there simply because his parents love soccer, he could have been any kid in the world, but he is one with soccer loving parents who have taken him to a soccer match, probably for the first time, and he can not help but be overwhelmed with mystery and wonders at the spectacle that has everyone in ewe.
The janitor, half asleep from finishing his shift at his first job just an hour ago. Tired and a bit hungry, but he has to be there. With a wife and three children in the deteriorating structure they call home,he needs the money.
The only thing on the security guard’s mind is his daughter, it’s her birthday and he had promised to be there, but, ‘when duty calls’. Caught in a battle for custody between his ex wife and himself, his absence echoes volumes to endeavours,his redemption is securing enough savings to ensure the best education his daughter could have.
The most beautiful part of a story about such people, it is when the most unlikely to happen, happens. When over 9400 thousand eyes turn to see the least of the least. This normal happens when the star of the show takes notice of this person, and because everyone’s eyes are all on the star of the show, they also fall on our guy, the janitor or security guard, or the kid.
That’s the beauty of the story, it is the, the impossibility of something as amazing as a dream. It is a story about chance, when odds are at the edge of unlikelihood. Such a story awakens something in each and everyone of us, and it is the one thing that every writer relies on, it’s what makes writing worthwhile, for the ability to arouse such a feeling on man is second best to creation.

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