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Who are The Anunnaki Gods?

Feb 2, 2021
Demi Powell
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Quetzalcoatl, Viracocha and Kukulkan are the ancient gods of Mesoamericans. There is a chance that these 3 are just one deity. According to descriptions of all 3 gods, they have features or characteristics of a citizen of South America. White skin, wide forehead, graying red beard and big blue eyes. Are these deities link to the ancient Anunnaki?

Let’s take a look, back at the old cultures around the world, especially within the American continent. We can find stories and legends that are strangely identical. Aztecs, Olmecs, Maya, up to the Inca and the cultures before them, we can find proof of ‘Gods’ who left earth with a vow to return.

So our question is, who are they? And why is are their characterization so very much alike?

The great creator during the pre-Inca mythology is called Viracocha. He’s one of the most substantial deities in the Inca’s place of worship and is believed to be the creator of all things. Oddly, the ancients pictured Viracocha with features that were not characteristics of someone from South America.

Viracocha is described for having mustache and beard which is very different because American Indians doesn’t have long beards and mustache. Even more fascinating is that Viracocha was told to be very much alike the ancient Gods of Sumer in Mesopotamia.

Is this a revealing indicator that we need to pay attention to?

Intriguingly, Like Viracocha that was describe with looks unlike those of the native of the America, Quetzalcoatl the god of Aztecs and a few more deities from the Central and South America house of worship were also depicted as in legends as bearded, white-skinned, has a pair of blue eyes and tall.

If we analyze those details together with the deities from ancient Mesopotamia, we’ll see a number of amazing likeness that creates a lot of questions.

The beard is thought to be a symbol of an Old European influence, instantly fueled and decorated by the essence of the colonial time and it’s meaning within the isolated culture of Mesoamerica.

Maya and the ancient Aztecs have dark complexion. They are not very tall and had brown eyes.

Kukulcan’s, Quetzalcoatl’s and even Viracocha were in their mortal image a complete differences having a white or silver hair, white complexion and blues eyes and were much taller than the locals.

Who are these ‘gods?’ Where did they came from and above all, why did they pledge to return one day?

Quetzalcoatl, Viracocha, and Kukulkan, who are they? If he’s a real ancient Mesoamerican God, why did the ancient civilization of America portray them for having white skin, a wide forehead and graying red beard with big blue eyes? In addition to that, how did Quetzalcoatl or the feathered snake arrived at the faraway empire of the Aztecs?

Where did he originate? Is there a possibility that Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, and Viracocha are just one and was able to show himself to all ancient Americans civilization? Another question that needs answer is why is he actively linked in the native Mexican folklore with the Planet Venus?

Is there a possibility that these Ancient gods were travelers who came to earth just like what is told from many ancient astronauts theory? What is these 3 deities are the Ancient Anunnaki?

If we’ll take a peek at Tellerian-Remensis, we can find explanations of what appears to be flights of spaceships or spacecrafts that execute cruised and landings to the amazement and terror of the locals.

It is said that every evening for a number of nights, a great brightness appears from the horizon, soaring to the heaven like a pyramid in flames. It greatly fascinated the king of Texcoco that he settled to end all wars.

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