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Ten steps to healing from Emotionally Abusive Relationships - Advice from a Spiritual Psychic

Sep 16, 2023
Rozalia Kieliszkiewicz
Core Spirit member since Aug 2, 2023
Reading time 9 min.

> "I've fallen in love with my light again, outside of me, too blind to see it has been within me through eternity. Why I am so obsessed with proving to you my loyalty, the problem must be your insecurity. I'm giving you my unconditional love, chasing a manufactured illusion. I must prove how much I care because I am helping you build your low self-confidence. Oh, the silent treatment, how I know you too well. It's punishing me, and I feel stupid, unattractive, needy, and useless. Addicted to the flattery and attention I gave you, I must now work on rebuilding my self-worth from scratch."

Narcissists, psychopaths, sociopaths, and other toxic people, have you ever been in a relationship with energies that wreak havoc on empathetic souls? They constantly pursue influence, entertainment, money, and sex, doing whatever they can to gain power over others. A mask like no other, they hide behind a false persona of charm, wit, a master manipulator that will have you questioning your reality, sanity providing charming promises, mind games and psychological torture.

If you have been or are in an emotionally abusive relationship with such a human, know that you can free yourself and say goodbye to the constant doubt, guilt, shame, chaos, and victimization in which this circumstance placed you.

As a spiritual psychic who works with emotionally abused clients and a past victim of Narcissistic Abuse, here are Ten steps to healing from Emotionally Abusive Relationships that have helped me and my clients find freedom and themselves again.

1. You Pay attention to your Feelings.

Your emotions hold weight, and they get stored in your subconscious if you are not carefully paying attention to how your abusive relationship affects you. As your feelings transition in the dark place of your unconscious, they can weigh heavily on your body, mind, and Spirit, manifesting as dis-ease or physical symptoms. This response is a natural defence mechanism for a victim who has been abused continuously for an extended period.

It is essential to avoid getting to this point! I have experienced Reiki Healing, and my clients must re-learn to feel again. They naturally developed a defensive mechanism of ice-cold persona and a "detached" approach, which doesn't just harm their body but their mind and Spirit and how they relate to others.

When healing from an Emotional Abusive Relationship, the first step is to pay attention to your feelings. How is this situation making you feel? Are you crying or yelling? Do you feel afraid? Do you feel unworthy, insecure, or uncertain? This emotional awareness is the first step to realizing that this person or situation is causing you harm and that you are not safe.

2. You Awaken and notice the signs.

Your intuition leads the way. As you start to notice the signs that the reality, actions, words, or commitments do not match what you feel inside, your chakras align with your third eye, and you are suddenly shown two truths.

The first truth is the one you can see with your physical eyes. It shows you the lies, the ghosting, the manipulation, the hostile intentions, words, gaslighting, and harmful actions toward you.

The second truth is the one you sympathize with; your third eye opens and activates your heart chakra, which pulls you in and makes you forgive repeatedly. You notice the insecurities in the person or people involved and why they hide their inner light projecting only pain, fear, and Ego your way and even providing false promises, small moments of positive experiences or "highs," and hope that they will change.

As you notice the differences, it is up to you to find the strength to love yourself more than allow the emotional abuse and manipulation to take place and recognize the behaviors and habitual pattern for what it is.

3. You release your Ego.

Your Ego is an attachment to a belief, idea, desire, fear, pain, fact, item, and anything that holds the key to your survival on this earth. Your attachment to a set expectation or outcome creates your suffering. However, when you finally surrender and release your Ego, all that is left is Spirit, which naturally equates to peace and love. This type of bliss brings grace. However, it opens the heart chakra and awakens your power to be compassionate, forgiving, and empathetic.

This step is the hardest part of this journey because your state of unconditional love and ability to empathize is a natural magnet for narcissists and vampire light suckers.

I often find that my clients who suffer in emotionally abusive relationships require learning to temper between Ego and Spirit so they can learn to forgive, be compassionate and send love towards their abuser, but not be attached or expect a change in a way that creates suffering in their life.

4. You Protect yourself and create distance.

To fully heal and see the abusive relationship clearly, you must protect yourself and create distance. As you care for yourself and protect your energy, time, money, and resources from the abuser, this space will help you connect with your inner voice.

It is natural for healing to take place during this stage. Sadness, Anger, Depression, Frustration, and Confusion are innate responses to emotional abuse, and it takes time to forgive and have patience with yourself and the experience. You are healing from who you thought that relationship was to you and who they will never be.

Thus take the time and allow the divine to love and protect you. Consider Psychic Reading or Reiki Healing to open more healing channels during this period.

5. You find yourself going through Introspection.

As you find the courage and strength to remove yourself from the toxic environment or abusive relationship, taking the time to go within is where you find yourself. You must saturate yourself in your energy, as being in a toxic environment creates chaos in your auric field, and your imbalanced chakras confuse your state of being.

As you take the time to create a relationship with yourself, take a trip or a vacation, move locations or live by yourself and seek solitude, your inner light will begin to shine the way through the darkness that has encompassed you during the traumatic experience.

As you keep to yourself, you will notice what you genuinely enjoy, how you think, who you are and how the toxic experience compromised your values and beliefs. You see that you are more yourself than ever, relying on your known sense of being to guide you towards your newly engraved path by your divine self.

6. You Move towards Peace and Tranquility

Moving on from the chaos which inflicted your environment, your actions and your mind will eventually bring a sense of calm and tranquillity that will have you questioning how you allowed and were able to involve yourself in such a situation. This experience is natural because as your mind and body remain in the toxic condition, you are automatically on the defence living in survival mode.

However, once you move on, your nervous system eventually begins to relax, and that is when you genuinely feel the healing process comes from your subconscious to your conscious mind.

At this point, it is essential to focus on forgiving yourself and all involved, releasing guilt, shame, and any frustrations, anger, and depression that comes with being in this situation. It is not always easy to leave a toxic environment, especially if born into it.

Thus, once you find the Peace and Tranquility that comes with escaping from this dark place, take the time to rebuild your strength, inner knowing, and love for yourself so that you heal the excessive dark debris remaining in your unconscious that had your soul attract this experience in this lifetime.

7. You Invest in yourself.

Now that you have done your soul-searching focused on self-care and healing your mind, you are ready to invest in yourself and thrive. You know who you are now and the sole purpose of your journey in this life, and you are prepared to put time, energy and money into the things that feed your Spirit, heart, and soul.

You may plant seeds in education, change your career, learn new skills and talents, or embark on a journey to master yourself and what you already know how to do.

This step is a time of experimentation, as the Divine will have gifted you with several potential paths manifested from your heart space. You recognize that you are the sole creator of your reality and are supported as you take positive initial steps to build on yourself and your future.

You deserve to be happy, and as you invest in yourself, you only glow, grow, and evolve into the best version of yourself for the rest of your life.

8. You work on becoming self-reliant.

A step-in mastery, you are working on your craft and becoming a master in your purpose on this earth. Whatever seeds you planted in the previous step, it is time to water and nurture the forest you envision surrounding you for the rest of your life and the lifetimes to come.

You work on becoming self-reliant and no longer influenced by other people's ideas, beliefs, and circumstances. Naturally, you may feel hiccups at times, and you could feel triggered; however, the wisdom you carry from your experience keeps you focused on yourself and becomes your savior.

As you stay committed, disciplined and dependent on yourself, you will notice that the Divine, Nature, and environment desire to collaborate and co-create with you. You will naturally attract helpful people, signs and synchronicities that will guide you toward becoming the best possible version of yourself.

9. You Become Independent.

As you reap the rewards of your dedication, commitment, and hard work to yourself, you find abundance and become self-sufficient. Your life begins to be replete with wealth, prosperity, and luxury. You become thankful for everything you have; humility and gratitude bestow your essence.

This phase is the most rewarding one, as you are authentic in your own right and dependent on your self-made stability, security, and value. You co-create with the Divine and are always open to the receiving abundance of the universe and what is naturally owed to you as you continue to pursue your most unique path.

As your most authentic self reflects in all aspects of your life, including finances, creative endeavors, health, movements, thoughts, and actions, you attract endless support and light into your life that only propels you forward and motivates you to continue to thrive, be happy and shine that light wherever you go.

10. You connect with a community that Supports your Healing.

Utter feelings of harmony and emotional stability enter your life, and your love and happiness magnify, attracting those around you that align with your high vibration. You are overflowing with light and thus ready to share and double the joy with those that support your healing.

This step is where you find your ultimate wealth as you invest with those who help you grow and see you for who you are. This divine community understands your shadow and light, knowing that you overcame trials to become who you are today, even if no words are said.

You wear your victory and proud medallion on your heart, soul, and everything you do. As you connect with a community, and soul family, aligned with your beliefs, values and energetic vibration, you feel uplifted, present, and fully acquired complete emotional fulfillment and harmony.

A Lifetime of Recovery

Freedom at last, you have overcome the emotional abuse from the toxic environment, narcissist, sociopath, or psychopath. You feel on top of who you are, ready to conquer and take control of life, thriving and living with joy and light.

However, the trauma behind it still creeps up, and you are sensitive to anyone that presents the slightest mimic of manipulative behavior.

Do not worry, and be easy with yourself. Healing is a lifetime process, and you will learn to distinguish with better awareness now between what is true, pure love, and what is fear and downright evil.

Trust that your wisdom and experience have taught you to see the world with open eyes. You are stronger now, more rigid, secure, and confident in who you are. No one can destroy you like that ever again.

Connect with me Here if you need clarity on a Relationship or Environment or need a boost in healing.

Your Healer,


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