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Taking ownership over our lives

Dec 10, 2021
Naomi Emmerson
Core Spirit member since Dec 2, 2021
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Hello beautiful being,

Have you ever heard of a thing called non-duality? If so, then you will be familiar with the way that I playfully write in the introduction of this article. If not, then I suggest you look it up before reading, or, prepare yourself for some abstract language.

Well, today I am writing to tell you about my miraculous journey with reiki and how it helped to transform my life. Of course these are all just stories and beliefs, for the 'me' that I talk about is really just a character in this play of life. We are playing in a game of Maya - illusion, we are fractals of the one infinite creator experiencing itself. Its just a game. There is no doubt that within this dream, that reiki IS powerful, it IS real, it is a form of universal life energy that inhabits ALL things, and it HEALS. As human beings we make sense of the world through stories, through word, language, and imagination. How else could I demonstrate the power of reiki to other beings without words or story?

So buckle up and get ready to emerge into a miraculous story that is factual and real within the dream.

My character had a difficult childhood. I grew up in a dysfunctional, broken home. My parents seperated when I was five, and both of them, unable to free themselves from the clutches of their demons, manipulated my mind, using me as a weapon against one another. I lived in a state of fear and anxiety while being merely a piece of rope in a game of tug-of-war. All of the adults in my life thought that it was acceptable to offload their venemous thoughts about the other on to me. From a young age I learnt that my oppinion did not matter, for if I spoke it then I would be chastised. To save myself from the aggro I told my caregivers what they wanted to hear.

As the war between my parents played out, I was sexually abused at the age of eight years old. Too afraid and frightened to tell anyone, I kept it to myself for three years. By the time I was eleven, I had moved house ten times - school five times, I was caught up in the war between my parents, and, I was constantly told by my mother, grandmother, and other kids, that there was someting wrong with me, that I was some kind of freak.

Looking back I realise that I was a unique, creative soul, living an incredibly chaotic, abusive childhood. The people around me were simply projecting their own unconciousness on to me, and I, was rebelling against my reality in whatever ways I could.

When I was fourteen my Mother started to date someone new. This person took an interest in me. He was the first person to give me any kind of attention, and sadly at that time I didnt have any love in my life, so I took the bait. He sexually exploited me which resulted in me spending six years being psychologically manipulated, sexually abused, raped, and physically threatened. I miscarried my first baby at age fourteen which was a deeply painful and traumatic experience. I then lost another baby when I was seventeen before finally having a health daughter at eighteen. I spent six whole years being held captive through emotional manipulation. I barely saw anything of the outside world.

Wow, reading this back, it really does sound very dark and miserable, thanks heavens my life is not like that anymore!

When I was twenty I finally broke free from the abuse. I was so happy to finally have the freedom to do whatever I wanted, so I moved to the city. I went to college and university, I met lots of different people from different walks of life, and I basically lived my life to the fullest. It felt so amazing to be free that I did not want to waste any of my life. But I still had to process what had happened to me, so there were times when I was in deep pain, still incredibly traumatised. I had to go through the justice system for two years which was traumatic, but the outcome was that the abuser got fifteen years in prison, so I was relieved that he could no longer hurt anyone else.

I spent a few years going to counselling and psycotherapy which helped, but I felt as though something was missing, I still felt a huge disconnect, I had a lot of questions about the world that I lived in. During this time I accidentally stumbled across the underground music scene, first of all techno, and then, psytrance which is psychedelic music that consists of fast BPM, and intricate, abstract sounds. That really did turn out to be a great era of my life. The music, the beautiful people, the incredible artworks, and the vibes was something of a dream. I had found a scene that accepted me as I was, that was founded on love, freedom, and exploring higher conciousness. It was great! I also experimented with psychedelics which ignited my senses, broadened my perceptions, and initiated my connection with the universe. I had previously feared drugs as I had been taught that they were bad, and that you could die from taking them, but after experimenting with them conciously and carefully in a supportive space, I became open to greater truths and possibilities.

And now, this is where the even more exciting parts of my characters story will be revealed! Get ready!! In 2019 I started to experience what many label a spiritual awakening. The first experience I had happened when I was in deep meditation. I had celebrated and honoured my first-born sons 10th birthday just a few weeks prior to this. I suddenly had a very clear visual experience of a little boy of about 10. He had white blonde, curly hair, big blue eyes, glowing skin and such an angelic vibe. I intuitively knew that this was Frankie, my first-born son. My heart was filled with such joy and warmth, I finally knew that he was ok, that he existed as an angel in another realm.

Then a few months later I had a dream about my maternal grandfather, It was a very vivid dream where he was crying and begging me for forgiveness. I woke up feeling very strange. I had not seen him for a long time. He had been an alcoholic as my Mother was growing up. Two days later I recieved a phone call from my Mother to inform me of my grandfathers death. That's​ when I truly realised that there was so much more to this life. My grandfather had managed to contact me through my dreams before he passed away!! I was moved by it!!

I then had my first ever reiki healing session in March 2019. It was beautiful. I felt spirits come to heal me, wipe away my tears, and gently soothe me. I experienced intense heat, warmth, and felt at one with the world. It was a lovely experience.

In the months that followed after my first reiki session, my life was shaken up in the best possible way. I came to many crossroads. I still had some toxic people in my life - family members, and a boyfriend. My mother and grandmother pleaded with me not to go to the festival, they said 'Don't go, it's a bloody cult.' The pleads soon turned into threats, threats of calling the police and social services on me. I went anyway. I realised that I could either let people control me as they had as a child, or I could listen to my own inner voice. I, of course had a profound time at the festival meeting other kindred spirits. It was so magical. I even met a social worker who was able to give me some advice in case my toxic family members really did call social services. I returned from that festival a changed person. I had crossed a milestone by doing what I wanted instead of what others wanted me to do.

And so, I cut out the toxic people in my life, I trained in reiki healing, and I started to live from a place of independence and self-empowerment.

After having my first reiki session everything fell into place for me. I met the right people at the right times, and so many incredible oppurtunities have arisen in this last 18 months. I now live in the countryside with my daughter where I have my own healing practice.

Of course there has still been challenges, and sufferings that arose from the illusion of self. But, for the most part I now live in peace, love, and happiness.

It is now my greatest wish and intention to share my gifts, and my healings with all of the beautiful souls out there who resonate with me. I hope that my story will inspire you to be brave, that it may help to liberate your mind and heart. I want to let you experience the power of reiki for yourself, I'd like you to be filled with pure light, and with new potential. I want you to remember who you really are beyond what you have been told, and I want you to take ownership over your life. You, my friend, are a perfect fractal of the one infinite creator, you are a part of me, and I of you. One thing I promise you, is that just like me, you are as limitless as the sky!

If you would like to book a reiki session with me then please get in touch.

Much love always,

Naomi Moksha xxx

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