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Synchronicity: Harmony in a chaotic Universe

May 30, 2021
Steve J. Chandler
Core Spirit member since May 2, 2021
Reading time 4 min.

Space, contrary to what the writers of Star Trek may have us believe, is not a quiet place. We perceive it that way because the human ear can process only a minuscule portion (20Hz to 20,000Hz) of the electromagnetic radiation (1) that is generated as a result of the energy unleashed by stars coming into existence, galaxies colliding and planets ceasing to be.

On entering a room full of strangers we encounter a similar experience. This time however it is noise not silence that is the problem. Crammed into that limited 20-20,000Hz bandwidth appears to be a chaos of conversations, laughter and nervous unease.

As we scan the room from our side of the threshold how can we quickly and accurately identify ‘friendly’ faces or a receptive group to join?

The same physics apply to our atoms as those that apply to the fabric of space. Our atoms and their sub-atomic structures behave in exactly the same way in all regards including the emission of radio waves. As our bodies go through the processes of simply being, our sub-atomic particles absorb and release discreet charges of electrical energy. In doing so they set up a distinct, personalised radio-wave (2) signature. These signatures are sufficiently distinct that they can indicate when all is well with an individual or whether an individual’s well-being is compromised. It is this radio-wave signature that ancient cultures tuned into, and today’s energy healers seek to affect, as part of their spiritual healing practices. Modern science, slightly belatedly, now acknowledges these vibrational-energies as playing a leading role in our well-being.

Furthermore, and more importantly for those journeying in Awareness, research has shown that we are sensitised to the radio-waves emitted by others. Anyone who has attended a sports event will be familiar with the notion that there’s ‘something in the air’ as tensions quickly spread through the crowd.

Neuroscientists now agree that during a conversation in which both parties experience mutual rapport, their respective brain activity is closely aligned. So when it feels like you and another person are on the same wavelength, you are. Such experiences are a perfect example of the wonder of synchronicity (3) and its powerful role in our everyday lives.

Synchronicity is evident in all that unites mankind and is absent from our existence when ego replaces compassion and we move towards conflict. Synchronicity when heard in music is known as harmony (4) which, as with much else in our Universe, is instructive. The opposite of harmony is dissonance – notes in conflict - rather than notes in resolution. For those journeying in Awareness, seeking to live in harmony, it is essential that we open ourselves up and permit synchronicity to enter our lives.

Much within our lives, our relationships and endeavours, is due to the pressures of our modern world, trying to push aside harmony, to de-synchronise us. We are left feeling as if we are walking up the down escalator. It doesn’t help to push back against that which is causing us conflict, rather we should aim to carve out, within our lives, a greater space for synchronicities to manifest.

We can make space by doing the simple stuff; skipping newspapers (with their endless crises), switching of the TV (with its inexhaustible banalities), and avoid engaging with, and contributing to, office gossip.

Furthermore we can expand the space by doing similarly simple stuff: exploring our creative gifts, growing foods, engaging with nature, conversing with friends and family or even more simply, being still and appreciating the World for the wonderful place it is.

But we can go further.

We can use this awareness of the power of synchronised radio-wave signatures to aid conflict resolution in our relationships. When our tolerance is stretched our radio-wave signatures get re-mapped and we move out of sync. into dissonance. This adversely impacts our ability to communicate due to the conflicts that this remapping sets up within our energy fields. It’s why saying “sorry” and being perceived as being ‘sorry’ is not the same thing!

At such moments mentally switching sides – seeing the point of discord from the other’s perspective - can help return our radio-wave signature to their previous, harmonious setting enabling us to resolve conflict without permitting discord to colour our behaviours.

The Universe gave us synchronicity. By understanding it, trusting it and working with it we can put a little harmony back into the Universe.


  1. Electromagnetic radiation propagates across the Universe in wave lengths from X rays to LW radio waves (extending to infinity at either end of the scale).
  2. Radio waves are part of the electromagnetic wave spectrum and the ‘signature’ is also referred to as the electromagnetic signature.
  3. Carl Yung defined synchronicity as two unlike events being experienced as a singular, meaningful event.
  4. Harmony; n.
    - Agreement in feeling or opinion; accord: live in harmony.
    - Pleasing combination of elements in a whole: color harmony; the order and harmony of the universe.*
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