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Struggling to Find Your Passion? Say Hello to Ikigai!
Apr 5, 2023

Without a sense of purpose in life we can feel lost at sea. With the boat being uncontrolled, pulled by the waves of life as we drift into the unknown.
Searching for something you are passionate about will help you regain control of lifes steering wheel.

Thats where the phylosophy of Ikigai (eek-i-guy) comes in.
A Japanese concept that helps us achieve our true purpose in life.
Originating in Okinawa, a place where people generally have a high life expenectancy, thought to be the cause of having a fulfilled lifestyle that brings joy.

‘Iki’ meaning life and ‘gai’ describes value or worth. Put together ‘reason for being’.

Why is this a good idea? Good question.

The occupation or career that you choose to do will have an impact not only on yourself but others.
Enjoying what you do will help you live a more fullfilled life, with less stress involved.
Thus creating a healthy work-life balance while pursing a job that you actually enjoy doing.

There are four interlapping questions that will help you succeed in finding your own personal Ikigai.

Step 1. What do you love doing?

Lets be sensible here. We all love eating, drinking and sleeping.

Unfortunatly there are not too many career paths that will pay for you to sleep

So, instead write a list of your interests, things that you are passionate about. What can you focus on without that feeling of boredom setting in?

Begin to write a list of your own ideas down. Be as descriptive as possible.

Note — you don’t have to be an expert in the chosen field. That can come later with practise. For now think about your passions!

Step 2. What are you good at?

Nows your time to boast about yourself and big yourself up.

Be as detailed as possible with this sphere. Perhaps you are physically talented at something. Maybe you prefer more hands on hobbies or you’re a master in the kitchen.

This can also overlap in mental aspects. If you’re a thoughtful, empathetic person or able to think clearly under pressure, be sure to add that to the list too.

This will help to puzzle together your chosen career when we put them all together.

Step 3. What does the world need?

Now that is a broad statement. The world…

This can be interpreated into smaller communities, groups online, close friends and well, the world if you believe so.

Think about your skills and knowledge and how you can help others. What expertise can you provide others with to better their lives?

This step focusses on other people, returning the favour to society beyond your own needs.

Can you imagine yourself succesfully doing this and helping others in the next 10 years? Do your skills participate in helping others?
These are the questions you will need to ponder about for this phase.

Step 4. What can you be paid for?

Its all well and good that you are able to write down your skills and interests, further analysing them, can you see yourself getting paid doing them?

This is where the hard part comes in. Maybe you’ll need to do your own market research. Seek out for jobs that are similar to your interests.

Check out potential competion and their wages. Are they succesful at what they’re doing and is there a need for that particular job?

Keep in mind, money isn’t the primary goal here. Happiness, freedom and less stress is what we’re aiming for.

If you are doing something you are passionate about, money will eventually flow to you in abundance!

Brainstorm to find your ikigai

With these steps put into place, thoughts will begin to start flowing through you about what you love, what you’re good at, what the world needs and if you can get paid for it.

Begin to jot down your ideas in a brainstorm fashion.

Whether you think its a good idea or a harendiously unachievable goal, PUT IT DOWN.

Looking at all of the different branches of ideas that you come up with will enable you to succesfully pick and choose the right career path for you!

Self doubt may begin to arrise. Life is so much easier getting a 9–5. Easier, yes. Fullfilling, um no, sorry.

Worry may set in that this is a rediciolous idea, one that is unatainable. This sort of thing only happens in the movies. Wrong!

Your thoughts will shift and shape your reality. Having that burning desire for change and self belief will send you into the right direction.

Events will begin to align, have belief in yourself and your own abilites. If you are truly following what you are passionate about, the sky really is the limit!

Ikigai is a wonderful concept introduced to us from the Japanese culture.

Allowing a more balanced life, one filled with passion and excitement.

Going through each of the four steps, begin to write down the thoughts, ideas and goals that you want to put into action.

No matter how unbelievalbe they may appear to be at first. Get it on that paper, every little helps!

This won’t be an over night success sadly and looking too far into the future may be off putting to start with.

So instead, once you figure out a few possible careers, begin to create a plan. Set goals, long term and short term. Having goals in the near furture will allow you to stay foccused and motivated on your journey.

And most importantly, its easy to think about it. You have to put it into action. You are the one steering your ship. Grab on tightly as this is the beginning of your next adventure!

Thank you for taking your time to read my content. If you liked this and are interested in hiring or have any questions, feel free to email me: maxwcontact@gmail.com

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