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Spiritual "spf"

Nov 14, 2021
Core Spirit member since Sep 9, 2021
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Awareness Sees the Peeling Away of Egoic Layers of Perception

I was fishing from my kayak in the summer heat and I noticed the color of my legs (still shiny with ghostly-white) beginning
to give way to rosy pink. I remembered I'd failed to rub in sunscreen before I set out. I considered paddling back to shore
but the fishing bite was fire-hot and I chose to stay.

Today, the last remaining ruffled edges of the sunburn is peeling and fading away. I shake my head and laugh at the
ridiculous pull of the fishing's excitement which overrode my common sense to get out of the boiling sun.

I remind myself "it only happens once". In my mind's eye, I now see the tube of 70 spf sunscreen that is grab-ready in the top compartment of my kayak. As the Awakening process unfolds, our broadened perspective offers many opportunities to gently laugh about our past errors of egoic perception. We might realize that we're currently reacting to situations very differently
from our past, more peacefully, demonstrating greater emotional health.

We may remember our old reactions, the ways our conditioned patterns had fired without conscious choice, creating conflict
and drama for ourselves and others. Standing within our expanded spiritual perception, on the firm footing of newly-adjusted behaviors, we notice the peeling away of older layers of egoic perception. Awareness has deepened.

We may feel amazed about how far we've come, how much we've grown, how innocent our previous misunderstandings.
We may feel awed by Awakening's opening of the Heart.

Although human conditioning may continue, there is spaciousness, an unconditional acceptance of "this, too" -
the temporary egoic sunburn that will hurt, will peak, will give way to expansion. Awareness notices with deeper
understanding the conditioned patterns. We see-hear-heed the call to more quickly let go of ego mind's "tug",
it's pull...away from Peace.

Awakening, although fierce during purification, reveals Its gentleness. It offers yet another just-in-time lesson or reminder
of the way of Peace. Gratitude arises for the rebalancing influence of Awakening on emotional health. The mistakes which
come less frequently, the spinning momentum which slows down, the less frenzied and intense our drama.

With each expansion of the Heart, the ego's contractions ease. The return to Being is alive within as the Stillness, the Silence,
our "spiritual spf" to soothe the painful effects of ego's imbalanced use of the mind. Wondrous awe and growing appreciation for Awakening's gift of release from suffering fills the gap of dissolving ego.

With You as Awakening Unfolds
Photo Credit : Daoudi Aissa @ Unsplash

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