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Spiritual Alchemy for Beginners: All You Need to Know about Alchemy in 2022

Oct 12, 2022
Demi Powell
Core Spirit member since Sep 4, 2019
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There are two kinds of Alchemy – Esoteric Alchemy and Exoteric Alchemy. In this article, we are going to talk about the Esoteric, or Spiritual, Alchemy.

The primary goal of spiritual alchemy is to cleanse the body and bring the soul back to the unity with God.

Hermes Trismegistus, an esoteric from ancient Egypt, wrote about the necessity for transmutation to survive. For instance, when our body uses food for energy, we can observe the microcosm. This is called transmutation. In the macroscopic perspective, our consciousness tries to comprehend its origin and source of existence.

To be able to transform, an alchemist first needs to go through the process of purification and get the elixir of life. Contemplation then becomes illumination. The mystery of uncovering the philosopher’s stone or the golden door, is found in the body.

Every man must go through seven stages for purification. This is a major trip toward the Infinite. Alchemists say that everything that exists is alive and has its own unique vibration. This vibration connects us and sustains life, and consciousness. Purification prepares every man to ascend. The consciousness is brought up and through the golden door. By purifying the consciousness, the sound is refined, and attuned to percept the voice of God. Some have confused the purification process and have made it scientific in nature.

So, what are the seven steps of spiritual alchemy?

1 Calcination

This is called the black stage. It is about the chaos and the material. Here we let go of our status and money.

When every soul returns to the physical consciousness, it leaves the astral and puts itself into the physical consciousness. At this point the physical willpower develops.

2 Dissolution

Once we burn our materialistic desires in the first stage, we dissolve their aches in the water. We become free of the untrue sense of ourselves.

At this step, the consciousness is aware of itself and looks to connect with the physical being.

3 Separation

At this stage we break the connection with our habits and triggers to see our essence separately.

The consciousness realizes the duality of the physical world. When the chakra is purified, consciousness looks for spiritual nourishment.

4 Conjunction

Here we bring together all the parts from previous stages. We combine our valuable parts of our own true essence.

The outer concerns of love are being let go. There is connection with the Divine love.

5 Fermentation

Here comes the understanding that there is no truth in the physical consciousness. Truth can only be spoken by an enlightened soul.

6 Distillation

At this step the mind and the soul are tied together and then purification starts the separation process. The soul is now solely the observer.

7 Coagulation

Now the consciousness starts to feel its Divine nature. The spiritual journey home begins.

The primary goal of the alchemist is to reveal the hidden secrets – they turn the thoughts into finding the Truth, overcoming limits of the physical, mental, and emotional consciousness.

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