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Soul Healing Journey sessions - the spiritual approach to life struggles.

May 20, 2022
Yavenirie - reading and healing sessions
Core Spirit member since Sep 18, 2021
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Soul Healing Jorney sessions - the spiritual approach to life struggles.

In modern times people are very much used to getting rid of their problems. If it's a health issue, a mood or feeling or a difficult life event - many of us would rather take a pill and get rid of it so everything could go back to how it was before.
But every struggle is a door to a CHANGE in your life, a change that your Soul is leading you to. The change that is very much needed, that deep down you know you want yourself too but it's either scary or feels impossible to make happen.

I am offering individual sessions where I can assist you when you are going through that or any other difficult moment in life, when you are stuck and want to move forward or you can see those repeated unwanted patterns of events or people's behaviour towards you thst you want to break through.
I can help you discover freedom of living your own life, fully expressing yourself the way you want to, growing spiritually, connect ing deeper to your soul and your inner wisdom and fulfilling your life’s purpose.

It’s a very individual process that is created intuitively and specifically for each person during the series of sessions.
We start with a conversation about the things you’d like to heal or move forward where I will truly listen to what you tell me. Then I use my insight, sometimes card readings or other tools to recognise and touch the root of the issue.
Then I dig into my 20 years practice of self healing, shamanism, witchery, ritual dance and voice use and soul searching to find the best tools for you to bring your own self healing energy and conscious focus to the area of your soul that we are working with.
I will also share with you my own method of working with your own shadow to heal yourself and approach any life difficulties in a future.
Those meetings will be a soul journey for both you and me, while I will be helping and guiding - you will be doing the work and discovering new lands of your soul. It might be challenging and not always easy but will be definitely deeply rewarding.
The results might be varied - from healing of your body, your mind and soul, big changes in your general mood and life approach, to changes in life circumstances, relationships and occurrence of unexpected life events.

I work with you in a holistic way and big part of the journey is to change perspective on the events in your life, to discover that all the struggles mental and physical but also life events and any other problems are connected to each other and are coming to your life to teach you something very important. This way your soul is communicating with you and we will listen and discover what it wants to tell you.
Nothing is guaranteed but everything is possible - it only depends on how far you’d let yourself go towards living to your full potential, in happiness and abundance in all areas of life.

The session can take between 1 and 2 hours - depends what is needed during the process.
They are run online via a video call.
Let me know if you like to meet 🙂

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