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Sleuthing Clues to Find Hidden Egoic Beliefs

Oct 26, 2021
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Every contact with someone provides a sleuthing opportunity to catch the believed egoic thoughts which build the
"Me" - "Not me"story of separation. Disconnection from the joyful Truth of Wholeness is to feel separate, alone and
vulnerable. The dance on this planet of the One Being through what seems to be a multitude of different forms,
the many flavors of That of Which We Are feels flat. lifeless and dull.

Just like a guy called Adam and a gal called Eve, to feel "separate" from "another", a little critical judgment must have
just passed under the radar of attention. This judging of "other" can be likened to the "juice" of the fruit of the Tree of
the Knowledge of Good/Evil, dripping from our chins. The egoic mind does not see with the neutrality of Peace.
Ego separates "me" from "you" using critical judgment: good/bad, right/wrong, should/should not, all based on the
perspective of a "personal me". "Me", oh - that innocently ignorant lil' trouble-making thought-bundle made of concepts
and beliefs innocentlt believed to be "true".

How to catch the ego in the act? The ego's predictability lies in its "opinions", disguised as negative judgments and
criticisms. It always has them, only 100% of the time and they're rarely kind. Presence, being awake and very aware
in this Now moment, is to "hear" the ego's thoughts arise in the mind. Auto-pilot is to be asleep at the wheel, with the ego
in the driver's seat and in control of the ride. Missed are the chances to question if fly-by thoughts are true and valid for us.
The energy stream of egoic thought will automatically drag our attention into its momentum. Next will come the experience
of an emotion which won't feel too good. It will be a thought which separates, judges, defends, attacks.

It's not too late, we can still step out of the ego’s magnetic force field. The saving Grace of disturbing emotions is their role
as flag-wavers, attention-getters. Egoic thoughts will generate emotional discomfort. If we missed the egoic thought arising,
we can breathe deeply into its its emotion which follows the thought. We can feel it deeply as a wave of energy, letting the emotion "come to life" with full permission, without acting it out. We can tune into the energy of our inner bodies to feel its aliveness in the hands, heart, or feet. This withdraws energy from the mind’s spinning tornado mind gripped by strong emotion.

We can watch the emotion gently, denying its use of mind to justify itself... just holding it in detached curiosity. We can name
the emotion: "This is Anger, Frustration, Annoyance, Guilt, Embarrassment, Shame, Irritation, Anxiety, Resistance, Fear, Fight, Flight", without attaching to an “I” (“I’m” angry, frustrated…). We can allow the emotion to be there, simply as What Is. If we can watch the emotion while delaying behavioral reaction, the Aware Presence within will dissolve the emotion’s intensity.

If We truly want to Know the Truth, It cannot resist our earnest request. Insight will fire and there will be discovery of the believed false thought which led away from Peace. We'll find the clue, Know where "separation" happened. Aha! The ego is spotted! Wisdom will tease apart Truth from untruth to reveal the incorrect egoic assumption, the belief that interrupts the Peace of Who We Are. Wisdom, in the form of a man, once said, "ye shall know the the Truth and the Truth shall make you free”.

As the Truth of We Are gains strength and stability, Conscious Awareness in the form of attention will sharpen. We will begin
to catch egoic thoughts right after they "fire", just before they turn into emotions. This is the alchemy of the transformation of consciousness at work during Awakening.

The disruption of Peace is only one believed egoic thought away and yet, Oneness is always Present, even in the midst of perceived separation. The clue-finding magnifying glass for sleuthing out the ego is Attention, Attention, Attention…
right Here, right Now.

With You as Awakening Unfolds

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