Self-Love Might Be What We Need Most Now
Jun 14, 2023

Peace, that state when there is no war, bickering, or finger-pointing. Tranquility period when there Is stability in your life internal and external.

 According to the popular tale, about eight billion humans are walking the face of this earth and it will not surprise any sound person that seventy percent of the adults among that population have no peace in them at least, internal one which is the most important of the two.

To think that achieving that state has nothing to do with education, Money in your pocket will tell how easy and difficult attaining the state is to many.
A well-known fact that many with the two qualities mentioned above lack internal peace is public news. Many are connecting the lack of internal peace to the qualities. Educated people worry a lot than the illiterates and rich people worry a lot more than the poor.

This assertion had been the topic of controversy for long and the clear situation has not emerged. Poverty for sure is the root of all bitterness, acrimony, cantankerous behaviors, and lack of quality education, the root of both poverty and unhappiness. A man that pass through school and school in turn, passed through him don’t worry about what pays no lasting dividends. 

It’s no news that lack of proper education is why Africa is poor In the head, pockets, and internally never happy no matter what laughter on the faces and any research is saying, laughter induced by green and the dark bottle is showing you. Someone drinking excessively is a sign that something is not right inside. That lack of internal happiness is what is showing in our way of living and how we relate to each other, and our quality of life. Outside usually manifest what is predominant internal.

To think that mostly, the poor and the rich are victims of this malady shows that education and religion are not doing their jobs well, or that those that passed through them are rebelling. Poor education and poor religious knowledge might have been the reason for it. Reasons for the other poor results and abnormal policies in other sectors mostly politics and human relation.
Lack internal peace, physical and emotional you are a poor-quality human being.

When you find peace within yourself you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others….Peace Pilgrim.
Family, tribal, party, intra-parties, business, education, and other sectors including police, religion, and military will certainly be of poor quality. If you lack internal peace and are putting on a fake front, Just how does that help? The result is in your speech, actions, how you carry yourself, and even how your dress, sleep, relate, wake, work and walk.

Why then should this high percentage be suffering from this disease and why has no vaccine been found for it?
The answer is that it doesn’t need vaccines or even sound religious leaders, it's good news that sadness or joy is not hereditary, had they been, the earth would have been populated, be overflowing with sadists and made this place where people will pray to hurry away from once both are in season. Imagine how it would have been, taking as it is near you as a yardstick.

If we can't live at peace with ourselves, we can't love ourselves due to what we claim to be lacking or wishing we were, how are we to be at peace with our neighbor?
The world is as it is today due to a lack of self-love some are claiming to be narcissistic in nature. People are not just contented with who they are, the covetous animals we have become is overwhelming the good in us. Humans find faults outside themselves when it’s hibernating within in droves. A man that points fingers at his neighbor and erects roadblocks to stop success from coming to his neighbor, how will he even recognize when it comes to him?
Minding one's business as well as being grateful for tiny things in our lives sound like an easy quality to master but look around you and see how easy it had been.
Japanese say fall seven, get up eight. Many these days said to fall once and drag others down to your level. If it won’t be me, it won't be anyone policy of ours.
Better the Ukrainian War going on than the ones raging everywhere internally in various lives. No one is talking about or writing about and from the look of things, the Ukrainian war will come to an end while the ones in our lives will be gathering momentum stoked by self-hatred mainly disguised as hatred of others.

He that doesn’t pay attention to himself doesn’t love himself and impossible to love his neighbor. QED.

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Afsheen Shah2023-06-15 11:30 UTC

It is so important that we are compassionate with ourselves. That is how we can learn to be compassionate with others.

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