August 10

Revealing your True Self through the Power of Yoga

Yoga is the realisation of your authentic Self, the Self that is both spiritual and material in nature. It is you that is a sparkling light and you that assumes a shape of a physical body.

Not knowing your Self leads to suffering because you may feel separate, isolated, or lonely. You may feel disconnected. To know the Self and live from the space of authenticity means living your life purpose.

I struggled with the sense of identity all of my life. I used to be a chameleon, adapting myself to other people’s expectations, pleasing them to get acceptance and love, forgetting about my own needs and desires, and focusing on other people’s needs and desires instead. I had no sense of Self, no idea who I was, what I liked and disliked personally, what kind of life I truly wanted for myself. I was a “lost soul,” literally. I was disconnected and often felt lonely because there was a big gap in my heart. My Soul was longing to be embodied and expressed through my physical vessel, and I was not letting anyone see it. I was denying it to come fully into my body, hiding behind a mask. Deep down, I was afraid that if people really saw my true Self, I would be rejected. This happened due to enmeshment trauma, which occurred deep in my childhood. I couldn’t simultaneously be who I truly was and be accepted, loved, and appreciated at the same time. The pain of abandonment of the Self was surreal. It took so much of my energy trying to hide and pretend all my life to be someone else, someone I thought others wanted to see me be or become.

Yoga is the union of body, mind, and spirit. It is the coming back to the Self, the truth of me, the real me, the me that is so pure and divine.

Yoga is not a pretty pose. The pose is only a reminder of the journey that is to be taken to meet the Self. It is an invitation and an actual practice that prepares us for the meeting on the Self.

The most courageous thing that I have ever had to do was answer this calling and promise myself that I would never abandon my Self again, that I am here now and always.

Living authentically means internal freedom. It also means people who are still choosing to hide behind their masks may reject you because your light might remind them of what they also have been neglecting within themselves. If they are not ready yet to answer the calling, they may simply project their own fears onto you. But this should not be a concern because there also will be others who will get inspired by your light, and it would serve them as a gentle nudge in the direction of meeting their true Selves. It is neither good nor bad; it is the way it is.

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