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Removing doubt about our life purpose
Mar 31, 2021

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Sometimes we have doubt about our life purpose. We have an idea, we get inspired but then come to a sudden screeching halt. A certain voice kicks in. Our inner worst enemy who only wants the worst for us. It’s almost as if we have two sides in ourselves: The one who aspires for something, who has a vision, who is enthusiastic and bright.

And there’s the one who thinks we’re nothing. Who belittles us, calls us names. Who reminds us of embarassing scenarios and blows them up to be so much worse than they actually were.

That is the nature of doubt: It puts a barricade between us and what we desire. The reasonings it gives us for why we are losers are all but rational. Doubt needs to be looked at. There is potential in doubt. Doubt can transform from a barrier into a chance if we look into where we are holding ourselves back irrationally so we can improve those areas and be courageous instead.

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