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Oct 26, 2021

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During spiritual Awakening there will come the glimpse of direct experience of formless Being. The spaciousness Which We Are beyond name-body, thought-feeling and all manifest objects of form.

The ego will do what it naturally does, it will attempt to cover up spaciousness with thought. This is our gifted opportunity to recognize That, from where Peace comes.

Gently recognize the arrival of thought, "What is this?", as mind attempts to objectify and explain. Allow thought to pass by. Watch the stillness of Being arise, again.

If fear arises, acknowledge the feeling and allow it to pass. Return to Stillness. Feel Its Peace without turning away.

The ego will protest, "'s too big". Acknowledge the thought and allow it to pass. Rest. Breathe. Allow.

More thoughts may come, "yeah, it's peaceful but so what? What good is this peace, "I" can't do anything with it!" This will be the ego's hook trying to draw attention back to thought. It's looking at peace as an object to be used without directly experiencing it.

Who is the "I" which wants to do something with This which it calls peace? The false self concept of egoic mind that thinks it is a "doer" is attached to the movement of mind which expresses energetically through "doing". Not "wrong", just habitual. For this one moment, allow it to pass.

See. Awareness will allow the "doer" thought to pass. Breathe, wait. Being will arise, again. Being never tires of offering Its gift.

The resistance may continue,
"...but this is so b-o-r-i-n-g!"
Allow it to pass, rest in the stillness. "This is empty, just a big bunch of nothing-ness!"
Allow it to pass. Breathe.
Open to the vastness of it and drop directly down into It.

When received, the gift will swallow all questions, all thoughts.
As energy is pulled from mind into the inner heart or depth of Being, the mind comes to rest. Mind's energy is reabsorbed into the innermost sacred chamber of Being.

No more thought, no more separation into "I", just the wholeness of peace that can't be contained by the letters p, e, a, c, e but can be directly experienced.

It is no-thing, but is it nothing?
Is It enough?
What could "doing" add to This?

This gift is always Here, Now.
It can be received over and over, again, for It expands through each willing reception.

With You as Awakening Unfolds

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$20 USD
Confusion to Clarity Session

Are you trying to figure out who you are and where you're going? Do you need to make a decision but don't know what to do? Let's get together and work it out. I'll clue you into how your body is trying to communicate with you to get you to live your best human life and what you need to pay attention to when making big decisions. We'll feel into the energies around you and identify your next best steps toward your desired outcome.

This is a strategy session for your body and soul. My desire is to get you grounded and reoriented in your life so that you move into your highest timeline. We'll take into account where you are in your life, where you want to go, what's on your Human Design blueprint, and the higher guidance from the Akashic field, your higher self, and personal guide team.

Sandy R Freschi, Intuitive Guide & Human De…
$122 USD
mentorship session
Gene Key Reading

The Gene Keys are a deep dive into our internal world. They present a sacred algorithm for humans to embody based off of the blueprint we were given at the time of birth. Essentially, it is a technique which one can learn and practice to understand themselves and their own uniqueness, in order to most efficiently and harmoniously interact with the internal and external world, and to have a greater understanding of the connectedness of all people and all things.

This framework was created by a student of the man who channeled Human Design, It uses the same underlying algorithm (the positions of the planets and the I-Ching/Spheres), to assist guide oneself into a deep contemplation process, to observe, and ultimately, to transmute, ones own (and humanity’s) Shadow frequencies into Gift and Siddhic frequencies.

The Gene Keys have absolutely shifted my awareness, perception, and understanding of my inner and outer reality. I not only have a greater understanding of my own unique gifts, quirks, and contributions to the collective whole, but now I also have a greater understanding and acceptance, of how and why others are the way that they are.

These teachings have supported me immensely., and I believe they may do the same for you.

Trishana Suman
$40 USD
healing session
Blind spot Intuitive Reading

A challenging and highly introspective session to get you in touch with that which is hidden, trapped, denied and rejected within you.

This is a chance to really expand yourself in new ways.

The only way to grow is to get out of your comfort zone. Are you ready to be unleashed?

Michelle L. Raymond
$133 USD
healing session
Soul's Path Practitioner Akashic Reader

Raquel is a Holistic Awakening Consultant offering her gift of Intuituve channeling for individuals ready to live fully in their true essence and be present now and awaken to their own inner power and live their lives purpose. She uses her own expression of energetic channeled intuitive knowing, working as a certified Reiki Master (distant Reiki) and Akashic Records Reader, inner weaving her ancestral spiritual gifts to guide her clients to the healing that already exists within them.

Raquel Stewart

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