Re-Wire Your Brain ( Learn self Mastery-control your emotions)
Dec 20, 2022

We are spiritual beings having human experience. When God created us, he gave us full access to 5% of our brains which is our conscious mind and other 95% which is our subconscious mind works in alignment with our conscious mind. Subconscious mind is responsible for your breathing, pumping your blood, turning food into muscle and many more tasks but most people are unaware that they are literally the co-creators of their lives, they can accomplish anything in their life if they understood who they are and if they knew how to use subconscious mind in their favor. It is super easy all you need to know is HOW.

I was introduced to spiritual world by Angel numbers and synchronicities (you will have to google it if you are unaware about this). After my spiritual awakening my life has changed completely and for the better. All my family issues have been resolved, I no longer follow the crowd, my mind is constantly focused on building the new instead of living in past and I am truly in my authentic self now.

Rewiring your brain is not a joke, you will be unlearning few things and relearning whole lot of new things. Our school system does not teach us this kind of knowledge as they want us to be consumers not producers. The knowledge that I have obtained is a proven technique used by many successful people and I am willing to share it with you so you too can better your life.

You are only your best friend; you will never betray yourself so you can surely trust yourself to guide you but to do that you need to know who you truly are within. And I can help you find yourself.

Take charge of your body and master your emotions .

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Afsheen Shah2022-12-20 11:47 UTC

Yes, it is so important to recognize the negative sentences we are saying to ourselves and find ways to change those sentences to neutral or positive. So much can be accomplished when you become your own best friend!

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