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Quit Smoking Now
Feb 23, 2021

Just the rules for 90 days: You can do this, I can help… just a few details, a couple of sessions and some MP3’s to listen to and you can bank some savings and begin to heal…

Create a space, pick a jar, have it in plain sight so you see it every day.

Every day, put the amount of money in the jar that you would have spent on the purchase of the cigarettes, and probably 1-2 times a week the cost of replacing lighters. Do this for 90 days.

90 days times $16 a pack a day = $1,440. ( in just 3 months)

Over one year = $5,840.00 (and you were just lighting this money on fire)

Continue to save this money, so you have it at the end of the year

This doesn’t include the lighters, nor the burns in clothing and other items, it doesn’t include the health damages, lung damage, nor damages to your heart, teeth etc. just the cold hard cash!

1: Eat 3 meals during the day, proteins first. Eat your proteins first

2: Use your MP3 /iPhone as often as you feel the desire

3: Focus on the process , Use MP3’s to interrupt any cravings

4: Begin to notice when the body is experiencing cravings

5: Ask and listen to it, when it’s showing you cravings, when was the last time you gave it food?

Drink Water, avoid the beverages you used to use with the substance

6: Like a child we don’t give it what it wants if it’s not right for it – we know what is better for our body, and we supply it with proteins, water, rest, relaxation, laughter

7: Add in the supplements and vitamins

8: Add in a walk each night after dinner – change old patterns by inserting new ones

9: Just 20 minutes and get some good movement going

10: Daily Mantra – “I am non-smoking person, I am a non-smoking person”

Supplements to help you through these 90 days: Take all as recommended

\* If sleep is interrupted in the night, use an MP3 and allow the body to relax and drift.

Items with Fructose, Sucrose and Dextrose – Corn Syrups –discard them all. These will not help you. Using gum when you want to freshen your mouth, and change the piece often

Brush your teeth often, rinse with a mouth wash, drink water – this will flush the toxins –

If you can, use Coconut Oil, in the mouth for 20 minutes and then spit it out. It will absorb toxins from the teeth, gums, and tongue , then brush teeth and rinse.

Taking control of your environment:

Obtain the supplements

Stock with good foods and protein rich foods (eat 3 meals & six snacks daily)


Remove all beverages, and remove all glasses/cups & ashtrays associated with using cigarettes

Clear and clean away all areas you used to smoke

Your body is a smart system; it knows how to do this for you…really!

Organizing your life:

During this time you are going to find you have extra time on your hands, time you used to spend smoking. Rather than become agitated with this extra time, set up some projects you want to work on, and go to them often. Have one you can do that is indoors, one that is outdoors. Add in walks and breathe deeply while walking

Home Clearing Time:

o Clear cupboards, clutter and unused items

o Sort through clothes wash and have items dry cleaned

o Clean windows and closets

o DE clutter and organize your personal belongings

Organizing tools, garage, work spaces

Shopping: Take all the colour out of cigarettes, packages, make a still image and shrink it down- in your mind.

When you shop, go to different places than where you used to purchase cigs and lighters

How red meat counteracts a lot of protein issues. If you are not a vegetarian then it’s recommended you eat healthy red meat during this time, both for grounding and also for the nutrients to help rebuild cells

Resources for interrupting compulsive behaviours:

Anxious personality creates a pre-disposition for cravings.

What is going on physically?

Examining the Bio-Chemistry of what stimulates the desire.

“What if I?” thinking

Brain Chemistry is affected: Serotonin & Dopamine – create a drive to look for something to do

Emotional Shifts and changes can be and will be managed using the MP3’s daily

Physical: Dopamine, GABA & Serotonin, - when these are depleted, become deficient these are the symptoms:

o Low energy, tired, blood sugar erratic, insulin imbalance, carb cravings, and diabetes, low blood sugar, hypo glycemic, obesity, feel worthless.

Your body is working hard to rebalance, reaches for the substance as the body is trying to bring itself back into homeostasis, or balance.

Mental stress, multi-tasking, keeping busy, doing too many things, on the phone, doing multiple tasks at once, skipping meals, not sleeping over exercise, artificial sugars, must keep busy, a drive to be busy (for the first months this can become the new normal)

Testing the neuro transmitter levels:

Essential fatty acids are so important….Omega 3 & 6 are often depleted through years of abusing substances

Protein has amino acids; arginine stimulates growth, decreases fat,

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