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Passion of the SOUL
Aug 8, 2021

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The light within the eyes reveals the ignition of the passion within the soul. When we have buried that light deep within, the eyes glaze over and we can walk through life as if in a haze. You can notice this as you go about your day today. Look in people’s eyes and notice how much light you can see. Finding that light of passion and feeding it, calls the soul forth once more to shine through the eyes. A potent attractive quality in a human.

The eyes are the window to the soul and are also within the element of fire because they are the receptors of light. They communicate the light of our soul. A gateway of sorts for people to have a sneak peak at our inner world and for us to examine the external world. Expressing a variety of passions is an optimal approach to stimulate the internal fire and keep it burning no matter what. Find what lights you up.

One way to go about finding out more about your own passions is to ask the people around you. They know when you are excited and connected to what you speak about. Ask them to tell you when the times are that they see your face light up. Question what you are doing when they see that or what topics you are discussing. Use other people’s eyes to see yourself more clearly. They do not have the lens of self-doubt and suppression that you may be battling with.

To shine in your passion naturally means you will stand out. With that you will feel alive, full of joy, and overflowing with life force. However sometimes the fear of standing out squishes the goodness out of it and the fear within succeeds in keeping us small. Let this be your sign, your beacon, to choose the light. Shine it and know that the discomfort is challenging but more importantly it is temporary!

You can recognise a soul passion my watching what you are naturally drawn to. Notice what information you can memorise effortlessly. Go all the way back to your days in the classroom. Remember which topics were a joy to dive into. These are the breadcrumbs we can use to lead us into ourselves to find the hidden flame. First we must find it through self-reflection and then we can begin the process of feeding it to encourage it to come forward.

Over the past year of my life, I have stepped into my passion and manifested it as a career. I chose my light. It shines through my face like a torch these days! When I connect with family and friends, they comment on my eyes and the glow of my face. They say things like wow, you look alive. I love it because it feels real to me. I am honest that I get scared at times. I am imperfect and mess things up. I realise that all of that is just background noise. Expressing my passion is the centre piece.

Within the solar plexus we have the home of our fire. This is the place if you wish to ask yourself questions about passion, fire, or motivation in life. Above that we have the heart chakra which then leads up to the throat chakra. Fire can remain hidden in the stomach area. This tends to cause stomach issues. If one is willing to be vulnerable and allow the passion to meet the feelings within, they are a stage closer to sharing with the world.

Starting the throat chakra swirling is the next step. Talking to friends about passionate topics. Sharing creative projects with small groups of people. Expanding outward each day practicing voicing your passion. What we do we get better at. This is true for all things. If today it feels like a horrendously large task to even start expressing what lights you up, start with checking in with your feelings. Build some trust with yourself. Then take it slow to share with others.

There are people out in the world that are so excited and in need of seeing the expression of your unique soul!

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Keeva Dagg
Sep 13, 2021

Thank you Bantu! Glad you enjoyed.

Bantu Chk
Aug 12, 2021


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