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Oneness And the True Meaning of Judgement Day

Nov 1, 2023
Reading time 3 min.

We are all one individual.

"I am" is the same as everyone else's "I am" just in different vehicles (bodies).

We are one God experiencing itself to express itself in different light rays of consciousness, but we humans see each other as blacks, whites, rich, poor, educated, non-educated, men, women, attractive, ugly, skinny, fat, and all those labels that dumb us down and creates the illusion of separation.

*I’m not here for worldly things that people get attached to like greed, pleasures, pride, or any of the things that the human flesh craves. *

People believe Hell and Heaven is somewhere we go after death, but the reality is that we are in Hell right now unfortunately people have identified Hell within themselves that it seems normal.

Anger, envy, hatred, greed, pride, lust, depression, anxiety, are examples of Hell, it has nothing to do with the physical body burning in fire but it’s a phycological Hell, which has been normalized in this world through the media, politics, education, religion, holidays, economy, and how we view family.

People have separated themselves from source (God) and created their own rout. That rout is the destination to Hell because the mind will lead you to the lower frequencies disconnecting you from your heart.

It’s like a tree branch deciding to separate itself from the trunk but we know it will not last without the source (trunk) giving it life. That’s exactly what happens to people that decide to separate themselves from God, they will not last and become miserable.

Your heart is where you receive the higher frequencies like love, joy, ecstasy, peace, fulfillment, blissfulness, gratitude and everything that God is, as a result, you become a vehicle that brings compassion, unity, faith, wisdom, self-control, and unconditional love for all living things.

It’s not an easy job because you’ll be going against people who operate from fear, encourages disunity, seek pleasures, criticize others, and are emotional reactive.
You will become a force for good but an enemy for the wicked.

One day, we will all be judged, even those that go to church every Sunday will be confronted with their own subconscious mind which records everything.

No need to fake or pertain you’re a good person or a bad person, that’s not your job to decide; your Lord, in other words, your subconscious mind records everything, and you will be confronted with the real person that you are and how you made people feel.

I believe that’s the true meaning of judgement day for everyone even if you consider yourself to be Christian, Catholic, Muslims, atheist, or any other human label that creates the illusion of separation.

Judgement day is based on you vs your subconscious mind, not an external entity coming down from the clouds to judge you. Imagine someone having the job to judge every human being, damn what a painful and stressful job, I’d quit the first day.

In fact, there’s no one outside of you. No one to blame, no one to condemn, or no one that will come down and save you.

You’ll be left alone in your own world that you created and that will be a beautiful thing because that’s when self-healing begins on every individual, and all the negative projections will not exist.

The mind is what we need salvation from. Our own mind that has separated us from source.
That source is God, Love, Peace, Compassion, Ecstasy, Joy, Bliss, Consciousness which will lead to an Enlighten world :)

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