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One - Poetry of Love & Spirituality

Sep 25, 2021
Reading time 3 min.

One Fire in the Soul with Love's Endless Flame,
One Celestial Presence Burning in Temporal Time,
Ever Rising, Never Setting, Ever Spinning,
Calamitous Treason, Incorporeal Rhyme.
One Soul that is Yearning for One Soul,
One Heart that is Aching for One Heart,
One Life that is Standing Still, Moving,
Upon the One Sea that Keeps Us Apart.
One Longing, Stretching, Reaching Burning,
One Bearing Solitude's heavy Grief,
One Watching the Tide of the Heavens,
For that One Moment of Eternal Relief.
One Standing on the Precipice, Gasping,
One Misery more than One Can Bear,
One Hope Unvanquished by Time's brutal Tempest,
One Patient Privilege for One So Fair.

Love, in my thoughts, is eternal. Though life and death come and go, the love we have in our hearts and our spirits remains. Long after the journey is complete and long before it begins, love remembers. It guides us. It challenges us. It shapes our thoughts and desires. It hones our consciousness into harmony.

I believe, as well, that love brings two spirits together, again and again. Over and over in an endless, eternal rhythm. Like a heartbeat that is ever in duplicate- ba-bum, ba-bum- the duality of our true essence seeks to find the other. It longs for the other half in order to be complete. It searches endlessly, yearning for the One.

Waiting to find the Twin, or your Soulmate, can sometimes seem interminable. When you feel the pull of the other, but cannot find them, it creates stress that we are aware of every single day. We often find ourselves looking for the other everywhere, which invariably leads to looking in the wrong places. We try, again and again, finding only frustration and mismatched relationships that are unsatisfying and, sometimes, dangerous.

Ever notice when you search for something frantically, you very rarely find it and it's only when you actually stop looking that it suddenly turns up? The same thing often happens with love. When we stop desperately searching and give 'The Universe', our Guide, The Father, or whatever you choose to name the Love that is Everlasting a chance to work, the other's spirit can finally connect. Instead of voicing self-destructive affirmations, such as "I'm never going to find love" or "I guess the Universe hates me", begin voicing positives.

"I trust my SoulMate is waiting for me. I release the negativity that is blocking us from being together. I receive the blessing of being united with my SoulMate."

Speaking something like this far more positive affirmation not only can, but WILL, have a profound effect on your life. I know because I experienced everything I'm writing about. I longed for nearly thirty years for my true soulmate. I went through two failed marriages and multiple unsuccessful relationship, ultimately coming to a point in my life where I truly thought I would never find them. It wasn't until I stopped fantically searching and gave 'control' over to the One who Guides and Loves that change finally happened. No so remarkably and much like the phenomenon of something turning up only after you stop looking for it, my soulmate and I were able to connect at last.

Believe Love waits for you.
Trust that it WILL find you.
Release your doubts and fears.
And Receive the blessing.


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