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Jul 17, 2021

Being an observer of yourself and the rest of creation can be a tricky task. We are visceral beings that have emotions and feel all sorts of things. We use our senses and this is exactly as it should be to have our experience. To let the divine experience itself through itself. This is not something to change or try to run away from, any time we run we create resistance and thus you make something that was fluent, solid. Something that is solid is determined and gets very heavy. There is nowhere to run from ourselves if we are both the experience and the experiencer.

To not attach doesn't mean to disengage from life and feel left out from it, that is a sate of refusal, a state of being on the run like a refugee. It is in fact creating a secure attachment with the sense of belonging to all of creation. A sense of safety because we are one with it.

Beyond love and wisdom on this spiritual path we need to come to a certain peace. A peace within that is not just felt, but it is our ultimate nature, it is the nature that holds it all together. One that can't be collapsed into a name or a form, because the second it does that, it is no longer absolute, it is absolute taking form and thus has a sense of self.
Practicing non-attachment is simply observing something just as it is knowing deep inside that it is not fixed or stuck in that state forever. When we come to the realization that everything is fleeting and has a purpose even if the purpose is for a slit second, it is exactly as it should be, we view it as precious. This type of energy is purifying, but don't get me wrong, sometimes when we say purifying we might think of something that is unclean and in need of cleaning, but that is not what is meant to purify something. In a world full of distractions purifying takes away what is unnecessary in the situation, and leaves what is needed. It exalts truth and leaves us with a sense of coming home.

This is a practice. It is not something that will happen over night. It is a life long practice of remembering our true home, the one within our being that is never changing and that always is.
There is movement and there is stillness then there is what is beyond both of those principles. It is a certain middle way in between all extremes.

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