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September 6

New Moon in Virgo September 6/7th by Davina Mackail

The school year begins with an Earthy new moon in Virgo on Monday or Tuesday depending on time zone. Uniforms ironed and labelled. Pencils sharpened. Shiny new notebooks packed. Lunch boxes lined up ready. Diaries co-ordinated and colour coded. To-do lists primed. This is the organisational detail that sends Mercury ruled Virgo into spasms of orgiastic delight.

With the Sun and Moon conjunct in Virgo it’s time for something new. New moon, new seeds, new intentions. It’s a powerful moment to make those changes. They can be small, not necessarily world changing – but they could be! Incremental shifts work best. Helpful new habits can take root. With Mars in Virgo this is active earthy manifestation. Practical and detailed. Make health your top priority. Our immune systems have become compromised. Be open to new healing modalities. Fresh practises are required for the new energies.

But first we need to clear the decks. Discharge the clutter. See the wood for the trees. Virgo loves to bring order from chaos. That process starts at home. As within so without - home mirrors the self. Look at yours with fresh eyes. Can you flow freely around your space? Does your artwork reflect who you are and more importantly who you are becoming? Is there scared space - somewhere you can sit, pause and contemplate? Does your bedroom invite deep rest and renewal? Use this reflection of your home to see the mental and emotional blocks that also need to shift. Vacuum, sweep, clean and smudge. Open all the doors and windows let the winds of change blow through.

Embrace this purification process with grace or you’re in danger of being consumed by a snickety snick snick irritation with self and pretty much everyone else. The snake, the earth tutelary, is shedding its skin. Time to transform. Own your power and soul mission – what are you offering the world at large? Earth signs are responsible. Where are you abdicating yours? Descending into dreamy Neptunian escapism and avoidance?

Right now, ALL the planets are in conversation with each other. That’s rare. Things are changing. The Cosmos is conjuring up new energetic support. We also have a Grand trine in air signs increasing lucky breaks, ideas, new information. Ask questions. Expand the conversation. What agreements are you making for the long term? Look for the win/win. Apply what you’ve learned in recent months. Are you practising radical honesty? Or is the clown face glued on? Trust yourself. Trust who you are. You have the cosmic support to learn new spells. Mercury says watch your words. Especially the little ones. The everyday chatter. What are you spelling into being? With Virgo leading the charge the new conversation is less erratic and more considered. Geared towards details of what’s really important. Focussed less on the problems more on the solutions. Less geared towards fear and more attentive to compassion, kindness and service to the wider whole.

With Mercury hanging out in Libra – can you find the balance in the paradox of the ‘this AND that’. Polarities are currently extreme, but always different sides of the same coin. Think for a moment. If the earth didn’t turn one half would have adjusted to living in a world of dark and the other light. Imagine the shock, disbelief and fear when they first discover each other’s world?

Volatility continues on the 3D level as we head towards the inevitable breakdown of unworkable structures in order to breakthrough. We’re in the beginning stages of a planetary awakening – we’ve yet to find the place of grace. Right now, it’s messy and painful. Our cages are being rattled. The war of words is here. The spells are flying in a desperate attempt to divide and conquer. You know the answer. Raise your frequency. Be the witness. Fly like the Condor above it all. Lightning strikes of brilliance are still possible with Uranus conjunct the moon. So, keep focussed on your bigger life vision. Expanded consciousness gives space for the emergence of brand-new perspectives. Stay focussed on the solution not the problem. As Einstein said we can’t solve a problem with the thinking we used to create it.

Watch power dynamics within relationships. Where are you losing power? Where are you leaking energies? Pluto wading into a conversation with Mercury and Venus creates a tension that wants to transform. You know what needs to go. It’s been bubbling up for a while. An authority or control issue that pulls you out of balance, rocks your world. Mercury retrograding later in the month will bring it to the light of day. Dialogue will ensue but it probably won’t be resolved until November.

Higher energies are coming in fast and furious. Big shifts are afoot. Keep returning to the now. We’re all suffering attention deficit disorder from information overload. Practise discernment and discrimination in what’s true and what’s not. Remember we are not separate. Stabilise Mother Earth by earthing ourselves. We call it grounding and earthing for a reason! Virgo rules nature – sooth your insanity in nature. Add forest bathing to your to-do list. Reach out, take another’s hand, lead them into the forest with you. Lie on the Earth and sink into her loving embrace. Wishing you all infinite new moon love.


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