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Meditative healing classes help special children improve their concentration, say experts

Mar 29, 2018
Mercedes Newton
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Encouraging special schools and institutions dealing with taking care of children with special needs, the district administration organised a four-day pranic healing and meditative camp. A special session as held at the Nari Niketan by expert Rohini Vohra, where special children were made to participate in yoga and meditative-healing therapy classes.

The initiative is a part of the motivational approach adopted by the district administration in promoting educative and developmental practices. The four-day camp also had a session of Super Brain Yoga, where special children did activities that help develop cognitive and concentration functions in them.

“These healing techniques are based on the principles of energy absorption and sharing between one’s body and natural elements like sun, air and water. The asanas or techniques used help the children get energy waves from these powerful natural sources and enhance the body functions. It also helps in increasing their brain activity and develop better concentration levels,” said Vohra, the convener of the camp. Capitalising on the therapeutic aspects of yoga and meditative practices, Ibadat School for Special Children, too, held a day-long camp for its students. Volunteers and teachers from Art of Living taught the children about various asanas and life skills.

“These yoga camps are held every month and we have noticed that it helps reducing hyper activity like aggression or isolated behaviour among these children. It helps them energise their body and brain, while teaching them to keep calm and control their erratic behavior,” says Mohit Kapoor, executive board member from the Ibadat Trust. The organisation has roped in Raman Aggarwal, who is the head of Art of Living, Amritsar chapter, to carry out these monthly yoga camps.

by Tribune India

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Children who learned to meditate at an early age are really lucky! Just imagine how they will be able to see life when they grow up, how they will be able to cope with the flow of negative thoughts, problems in life. It is safe to say about such children: they are ready for this life.