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Zodiac Signs According to Mayan Astrology

Mar 22, 2021
Demi Powell
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The variation in Astrological sciences does not differ in its essence or purpose but rather the base or inspiration. Mayan astrology gives us the same in-depth view of future and predictions. The difference in technicality arises from the use of calendars. Mayan use their calendar influenced by their culture instead of a Georgian calendar. This article will give you a brief account of Mayan astrology and Horoscope.

Mayan Calendar and Its Types

Two calendars are used in Mayan astrology, of which the most famous one is the Tzolkin calendar while the other is the Haab calendar. They are given as follows;

Tzolkin Calendar

The Tzolkin calendar is of the primary concern used for the astrological purpose in Mayan astrology. Its essence lies in the internal energy of a person. Unlike western astrology, it does not depend on the motion of planets but rather the discovery of universal energy, which is to be found in a human soul.

This spirit-centered astrology has a 260-day cycle. It can be broken down into 20 increments known as “solar tribes.” Similarly, these 20 increments are associated with a specific number and sign. This signifies its relationship with the energy of various kinds as proposed by Mayan astrology. These days and signs in combination work together to form numerous characters and personality traits which are then to be used in Mayan Horoscope.

Haab Calendar

The Haab calendar is another variation of the Mayan calendar which is much like the Georgian calendar of the west. It has a 365-day cycle and is incremented about 19 times instead of 20. The Haab calendar is even more accurate than the Georgian calendar. Although its precision was accurate, still it wasn’t used by the Mayans more often because the Tzolkin served a sacred and spiritual purpose for Mayan astrology.

Mayan astrology and its Zodiac signs

The 20 glyphs of Mayan astrology derived from the Tzolkin calendar can be described as follows;

1. Imix / Crocodile

People who are born under mix have a feeling of depravity or helplessness. They have a difficult time adjusting to their self-worth. That’s something only they know because the way their eyes sparkle is quite brilliant. They would never make anyone uneasy but rather are cheerful.

2. Ik / Wind

They are creative idealists. The term means they are always trying to create a better world for the people around them and have a keen desire to change.

3. Akbal / Night

They are true spiritual masters who strive to maintain a balance between the physical and spiritual form. They try to create harmony in situations with their fair-minded abilities.

4. Kan / Seed

People of the sign Kan are independent. Their mind is a constant source of crazy ideas that pops up right after another. They are hyperactive and tend to live a life that way.

5. Chicchan / Serpent

Chicchan likes appreciation; they have skills which they try to show off. Their talent is commendable. They try to distance themselves from people due to their selfish nature.

6. Cimi / Transformer

Death is a conductor from this life to the other. This transformation which death carries signifies the taking away of all happiness. Cimi is accompanied by depression, mostly.

7. Manik / Deer

Manik is generous and kind-hearted. They always try to spread positive energy around them. They are fond of artistry, literature, and poetry, etc.

8. Lamat / Star

Lamat is healers of Mayan astrology. They are protected by the deity of the moon. They are very calm people and solve their issues with a cool and shrewd mind.

9. Muluc / Offering

They are well mannered and good people. They have a distinctive charm associated with them. Furthermore, Muluc has a deeper inner intellect.

10. Oc / Dog

Oc represents the loyal people who will sacrifice themselves to be faithful to the ones they love. They might be annoying or frightening, but they desire to protect that’s why.

11. Chuen / Monkey

Chuen is romantics and flirty by nature. They have many skills to their name and are often showing it off.

12. Eb / Road

Eb has incredible self-control even though they go through many trials, but they always hold their ground and are steadfast.

13. Ben / Reed

Ben represents creative people who will leave you awestruck if you ever eat them, they can inspire others.

14. Ix / Jaguar

A positive aura surrounds Ix. They are the optimistic lot who never loses sight of a single ray of hope in life.

15. Men / Eagle

As obvious from their sign, the sign Men are majestic by nature. Their personality reigns over all. They excel in almost everything they take part in.

16. Cib / Wisdom

Clearly, their sign shows how they steal knowledge and are rich with wisdom. Their spiritual level is truly admirable.

17. Caban / Earth

Caban is practical by nature and down to earth too. They have a knack for painting, music, and poetry, etc.

18. Etznab / Flint

They possess a superior intellect. They try to get a solution for every problem and devise up strategies all the time.

19. Cauac / Storm

Cauac might be suffering from constant depression, but they never show that side of them. Instead, they strive hard towards their goals and do not give up.

20. Ahau / Sun

Ahau people are always in search of joy and keep those people in their life that could make them happy. They have higher ambitions in life. Though, they always go for the easy stuff.

The Tree of Life

The tree of life is a common concept which can be found in Chinese astrology likewise. It symbolizes male and female energies of the universe circling towards a center and radiating from that singularity showing a divine union. Like the ying-yang, In Mayan Astrology, they had their interpretation in terms of universal energies.

The crux of Mayan astrology is that it focuses on spiritual energy more than the planetary movement. Its predictions are derived from universal energies that reside inside humans and how it affects our personality and make up our traits.

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