Living Intuitively
Mar 27, 2022

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Living intuitively is acknowledging the energetic beings’ humans are.
It is also honouring how intricate our five senses are even before discussing sixth senses and beyond.

Living intuitively takes courage to let go of the limitations of linear logic.
Opening to the wisdom available before reason.

Yes, there are explanations to phenomenon of the physical realm that science allows us to understand. It is also true that gravity does not need to be explained for it to happen.

You know when you just know even though you don’t know how you know it.
That is how most theories in science begin!

What if you leaned into that internal knowing with the same curiosity of a scientist?
Alternatively, what if you leaned into an internal knowing with trust?

Trust is the internal wound most trip over when discussing living intuitively.
Trust is strengthened with repetition of an experience.

This opens the question: what if trusting your intuition is less about being right and more about being curious to how often it is accurate?

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