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Life's secret ingredient

Dec 18, 2021
Vinutha Ramkumar
Core Spirit member since Dec 18, 2021
Reading time 3 min.

From Steve Jobs to Jack Dorsey everyone I admire, they all have something in common to achieve the immeasurable — they practice to still their mind.

Meanwhile, having had read the books about the mystics, saints and getting to know their life practices, for some who lived for years without having any food, showed us that humans have great power to sustain the life with only light, air and ether. Ofcourse, the sage didn’t train the same to their disciples or anyone.
Well then, what’s with that?

These two group of people — the modern corporate achievers and the sages have something in common — they know the life’s secret ingredient.
They pertained some of the superhuman powers to keep their chakras aligned and vibrant. And we millennials spend our energy contemplating the various issues we have with peers around us, and you see the invisible magnetic field or the energy or the aura surrounding us is relatively less, more prone to get influenced by the counterparty. Like how, we lose over the diseases to attack our body with poor immune system.

We have no energy left to do something extraordinary in life like the role models we look up to. While, on the other side the “Superhumans” have access to pick up the choices in their life. Getting what they want, cause no planetary positions will influence them to have a bad day!

Meeting great personalities influence to manifest good feel in you, that is the energy witnessed around them. Because, they don’t drain their energy giving room to the negative needs, and have surplus energy left to attune their whole electro magnetic field around their body. Superhuman’s mind will have the capacity to move out of the body, and align the body-brain connection with the supernatural power. Being around such personnel you feel energized or your mood shifts to be uplifted.

“If you want to be an angel after you die, be an angel now, you are what you will be after the death but in the astral world. Try to reform what you want to be rather than raging that it is your karma. Every organ in the body has its own magnetic energy surrounding it. It is vital to keep them enhanced and overall the aura of the body increase" — Paramahamsa Yogananda

The moment you feel low, or the moment your emotions are getting wired to the past, pause. Period. Understand, that problems never cease, take actions to meditate, try to connect with the almighty(your inner-self). It gives you the answer in different forms. If not, your body only remains as a matter experiencing the past, and it is no more an energy ball to create the future you want to. Build the inner radiance that is eternal and not your external beauty, which definitely fades with age.
Lord Krishna, Rama, Jesus they were just born as normal humans like all of us, but they chose to live a superhuman life — they are invincible, and we worship them now as our God.

“Practice Meditation, it is like carrying a portable paradise in your heart. — Paramahamsa Yogananda”

Practicing stillness, being quite and focusing on the region between your eyebrows has tremendous benefits. Elucidating the feeling of it is near to not possible — but a mere feel of ecstasy. My mother is religious practitioner of meditation, which I solely undermined, now I feel so sorry for seeing it low.

Mind and the body are connected, the thoughts we induce influence our feelings, feelings again influence our thoughts and proportionally the energy you vibrate at.

And, if you still don’t have a reason to meditate, it also helps to take care of your mindfulness and anxiety or sleeplessness. That’s convenient right?

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