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Aug 7, 2020

Greetings Core Spirit Family

I have been working around the clock for these past few months, looking for more secrets and enlightenment in order to make sense of the world that we find ourselves living in today. I have bought and studied some books in order to upgrade my knowledge; and have been experimenting with this new found knowledge on myself, and on my nearest and dearest. I always try something first, before sharing with others.

LIFE’S BLUEPRINT (Numerology for Decoding Behavior – Your Personal Numbers at Work, with Family, and in Relationships, by Michael Brill.)

Each of us is a compilation of GOD (or Gathering of Deities) energies, represented by the combination of the numeric frequencies 1 through 9. In fact all of creation is composed of combinations derived from the purity of these numbers. The core energy of the GOD energies is also described as Spirit, Source, Cosmos, All That Is, Oneness, Creator, and God.

Whatever we call it, this core energy needs to be stepped down to be used. We can use a lightning bolt as an analogy. In its pure state, the electricity locked within can kills us. However, when we harness this power through transformers that can lower its charge, it becomes useable. It can heat our homes, run our factories, cook our food, or light our cities.

Similarly, the GOD energy needs to be modified so that creation can take place. When the nine numbers combine their essences, they form a tenth energy, the energy of 0 (zero). This tenth energy is the energy of creation/potential and is usually recognised by humans as “the little ‘g’ god energy.” For science this is the source of the big bang.

In between lifetimes, we choose to be a part of the creative process by melding our potential energies with the energy of the cosmos. We review our lives with the god energy before consciously deciding what we will do in our upcoming life. We look at what we have mastered, avoided, refused to release, screwed up, done to excess, and completed.

We then decide on the challenges we still need to work on. One of our final acts prior to entering the earthly realm is to verify that we have more than enough grace to succeed: we do. Prior to entering the transition between the celestial realm, and the earthly realm, we create a psychological / emotional blueprint of what we intend to experience when we reach our birth destinations. This blueprint is composed of the letters of our name, the numbers of our birthday, and the family we choose to join.

Cosmic Numerology enables you to “read this blueprint,” using the letters of your name, and the numbers of your birthday, to interpret the emotional and psychological characteristics you chose to experience in this lifetime and their (soul chosen) solutions:


Members of this personal number are rational, well-read, educated, and enlightened. They are very analytical and see everything realistically. They observe the world from a different perspective; their attitudes are based on a personal view, which is different from the view of others. Their attitude earns them respect and inspires people. They are meticulous: nothing will escape their eyes. What no one else notices, Number 7 will spot instantly. Keep this in mind when you intend to lie to Number 7. You will need to try very hard, and it’s unlikely you will succeed. They like practical solutions, clear question and short answers.

Usually they are educated and professional, however it is not uncommon for them to have problems expressing themselves and conveying their ideas. It’s hard for them to find common ground with the people around them. In the worst-case scenario, they are misunderstood. Sometimes they aren’t entirely clear about what the ideas they put forward themselves, but they feel it intuitively, which is something many numbers lack.

They are interesting and unusual personalities. Those who don’t get to know Number 7 will consider them to be weird. This is understandable, because the interests of Number 7 aren’t very common, which makes them appear original and mysterious. In their youth, they realise they have different interests to others.

This makes them feel rejected by society and they spend many days alone, analysing and looking for answers to a wide variety of questions. This is reflected in their suspicion of others that they develop over time; they don’t trust anyone because they believe people don’t understand them. It isn’t easy for those who live with them, but it’s even more difficult for them.

It should be said that Number 7 represents the bridge between the physical and spiritual world. They have one foot in one and one foot in the other; they don’t entirely belong to either. No wonder they feel rejected and different, not realising their importance. Strong intuition is one of their strongest gifts. Ironically, many of those whose number is 7 neglect their intuitive side because they choose to completely live in the rational world, which is a shame because this gift wasn’t given to them without a reason.

Number 7 should try to unite the physical world and the spiritual world. Spirituality will give them faith in themselves, strength and self-confidence.

Number 7 is a good friend, although often naïve, which later causes them many disappointments and scars. They help their friends and family members who always come first. Some recognise this and take advantage of them. They are impressionable, which leads to situations that end badly, and as a consequence make them feel disappointed, lonely, and rejected all over again. On these occasions, Number 7 reaches out to spirituality and esoteric sciences for salvation. They retreat into themselves, seeking deliverance.

Their soul is pure and misunderstood. They need to find themselves in this space and tome to work on inner development, which is highly important to Number 7.

They despise injustice as Number 7 has a brilliant mind; their ability to analyse is unsurpassed. They search for many answers and go into the core of a problem in their quest for understanding, seeking perfection whilst focusing primarily on what is bad and finding the silver lining for all to share in.

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