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Letting Go: The Gift of Divine Grace

Oct 26, 2021
Core Spirit member since Sep 9, 2021
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As we grow, we come to realize what might seem to be "holding us back"; this clear-seeing, Awareness Itself,
is moving past old conditioned patterns that we've outgrown. The question may arise, "How do I let go?"
Simply seeing is all that needs to be done, it's the Being part of the human being. That which is seen,
whatever mental habit, emotional pattern or behavioral conditioning loses the steam of momentum and let's go of "us".

How does this happen without any "doing"? This is the mystery of Grace. Every living focal point of consciousness
has the divine right to explore, to investigate its Source. To Know that it is beloved and nurtured. Sometimes, mental understanding just isn't enough to contain that which lies beyond words, yet we can experience directly the Truth it holds.

What will this look like for me in my particular life situation? This will be your opportunity of 1st hand discovery.
Who could possibly predict this ~ you are a magnificent wonder, original and unique in your "form", in every way.
"But there's so much I need to change" may come up as a distressing thought.

In this Now Moment, we 're complete and whole, beyond our body, thinking mind, emotions and human daily life.
Anything that seems to change will be on the surface level of human living and it is unfolding beautifully,
this Awakening of Who We Are.

Only the thinking mind can "fret" and worry. Who would we be if it were impossible to think/believe these thoughts?
The innocent thinking mind takes snapshots in time/space and fears this will "always be true", which brings discouragement
and despair. It's just a tiny snapshot in time, like a photo of shooting a white-water rapid in a vacation photo album,
an incomplete story. We'd need to see the snapshot of packing for the trip on a previous page of the album and the return
from the trip on the last page of the album to see the entire scope of the rafting trip.

And so it is with spiritual growth, the getting caught up in conditioned patterns, the noticing of the distress these patterns
create, the recognition of the Truth that wasn't clearly seen before, the leap of growth, the pattern's letting go, its dissolution.
It's a marvel when seen from a broader perspective of a "journey". Letting go is not so much a "doing" as a "seeing", we are
the Awareness which sees; not the pattern which is seen, nor the body-mind to which the pattern happens. That's great news!
We can't "do it wrong" and we're not doomed to "stay stuck" in any pattern.

Our divine inheritance of innocent worth is unquestionable. The fact that letting go can and does happen is the Grace.
The ability to hold on and hang in there until seeing happens is the Gift.

With You as Awakening Unfolds

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