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Let Your Heart Lead (How to Follow Your Heart)

May 18, 2023
Betsy Ern
Core Spirit member since May 18, 2023
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“Let Your Heart Lead” is a slight shift from “Follow Your Heart” in that it instructs “How to” do so. It is an action taken from within, an inquiry into the Heart while requesting that your thinking, analyzing, planning and controlling egoic parts take a back seat from their usual jobs.

Leading through the Heart requires a belief in the limitless Power of the Heart, the power of Love, the divine essence, which has the much bigger perspective. The energy of Love allows one to see well beyond what the individual human or even a human collective can perceive without the Heart’s involvement.

Love can perceive beyond the What, Where, How, and Why you can see in any situation. Leading with your Heart is a “relaxing into” action, and it’s actually a much easier and more comfortable place to live once you get into the practice. It’s allowing an unfolding rather than trying to make some thing happen. It’s a standing back and watching, waiting for cues to action rather than setting an endpoint and creating plot points for moving forward.

Love brings with it such an influx of serendipity and synchrony, seeming coincidence and magic, that one’s very experience is also enhanced along the way. It’s a different way of living, it’s Living Life In Love rather than “chasing your dreams” and gets you to an even better place than you could ever have imagined.

Letting your Heart Lead is relaxing into life, allowing an unfolding, standing back, watching and waiting for Love to provide cues to action.

Operating from the Heart requires a focus different from desired material outcome. It’s driven by inner values, by a deeply motivated yearned-for experience, rather than a certain relationship or career or lifestyle. It has to start with turning inward to find out what is truly aligned with your Heart’s desires. Not based on how you were raised, what you are expected to do or Be according to others around you. It requires instead a deep inner inquiry around Who You Are, what is your place in this world.

Leading with Love requires a recognition of how miraculous is your Life in and of itself — how and why you came to be here, right here, right now. And your Heart can connect you to these answers from within, only for the asking. You may have heard “seek and you shall find;” this is how you do it. You may have heard “ask and you shall receive;” this is how you do it. It’s not about looking outside of you, it’s all about going inward to find all the answers, all the guidance and instruction you need.

Letting your Heart Lead is about believing in this unimaginable power of Love to lead you, to steer you and to celebrate with you. To do so provides the best possible way to Live your most extraordinary Life on Planet Earth.

Don’t let anyone tell you that Love isn’t science! It’s total science as Love is an energy as much like any other energy known to science. Look into the science if you need to, because the greatest block to engaging with Love in your life is the lack of believing in its immense, inexhaustible, unlimited capacity.

Much of the dis-Ease in the world is caused by a disconnection or misalignment within the human being among Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit. You need all four to fully function as you are meant to. Many of the world’s religions and philosophies touch on these truths, but none alone has put together all pieces of the puzzle. And it is time, right here and now, to get closer to the full reality of the matter.

Leading with Your Heart is a simple matter, a slight shift from within, the conscious practice of turning inward, moving more into the Body, allowing your Heart to connect to your Spirit, and asking your Mind to give enough room for this alchemy to happen.

You don’t have to eliminate any part of you. Your ego doesn’t need to go anywhere, in fact you need your ego in order to function as a human being. It’s just that we’ve learned to over-rely on our minds to run the show, and the mind alone can’t bring about the Best Possible Outcome. The mind needs to fully cooperate and collaborate with the whole spectrum of You in order to be the Truest You possible, in order to bring about your full participation and contribution to the best possible Good while on this Earth.

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