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Let Go and Let God: The Story

Dec 13, 2023
Sara Pasterz
Core Spirit member since Aug 2, 2023
Reading time 4 min.

I have been gifted with a key. Well, it was hardly a gift; I did work very hard for it. The key came with a sacred chest holding a life-changing bit of information.
I thought about keeping this gift all to myself. I hold the answer to happiness and fulfillment, you see. Luckily for you, I felt called to share the sweetness within. In fact, it is my mission to do so.
Therefore, today I will take a trip back in time. Today I will open the chest and share its secret with you.

The Journey

First you must hear how I got the key! I mean, it really was a notable journey. It took decades, in fact, to receive such a gift. I had to work especially hard for it.
One day on my regular walk, the bottom of a mountain formed before me, a small incline. It was almost like Jack and the Bean stalk but more so in concept. “This can’t be happening, I mumbled.” I had quite a lot of other weird happenings at the time, and I wasn’t sure I could take anymore!
Really, I wouldn’t normally take any ole detour, but I just knew it was special. I am just intuitive like that. As I took a few more steps the entire mountain formed, and I saw what I was working with. It felt as tall as Everest, not that I have ever been there. I was intimidated for sure, though. But then I heard a voice in my head that told me it was integral for me to go- and so I did.
I will always remember this mountain and what it took to get to the top.
Despite its glory, the mountain was full of obstacles and sometimes even traps. “Go figure,” I said begrudged.
Sometimes I conquered fearlessly and sometimes I tripped and stumbled. One time I fell in a hole that took years to get out of, it was that deep and full of despair.
Sometimes I would end up in quicksand, sometimes in muck. Often, I was hungry, irritable, scared, and confused. But every so often there were these moments; moments so sweet I dared to keep going. I would look for these special nuggets as I continued to the top. One time a map floated down gracefully from the sky. It didn’t include everything, but it was helpful, nonetheless. Things were starting to look up.
Sometimes I would push myself too hard when my body and mind begged me to rest. Sometimes I saw a shortcut and would take it. Sometimes the shortcut was a trap. Sometimes I stopped and made shelter. I always felt like something was watching me and I could not relax. Sometimes scary things did pop up.
One time I got really scared and hid for a long time. The sun was shining when I came back out. I started walking upwards again.
I met many friendly animals and enjoyed many laughs with them. Sometimes I stopped to smell all the flowers. Sometimes I even put flowers in my hair. I was starting to change.
There was one morning when I woke up and all my equipment was gone. Someone stole my shoes and hiking gear. That day I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t care about the top of the mountain anymore. I sat down and cried. The discouragement from what seemed like regression overtook me. What happened to the changes I had worked so hard to make, God?
I must have fallen asleep again. When I woke up, suddenly the top of the mountain was in my line of view! I’m not sure how it happened but it was closer than ever. Although it was so close, I did not run to get there. I took my time. I appreciated each moment, each detail of the mountain, knowing this journey was almost over.
I thanked God for each bird that flew by. I sat with my feet in a nearby river. My journey had been tough, but I think I had grown to love it. That mountain and I had become very close, you know. I heard a voice that said it was time to go and so I got out of the river and made my way to the top. This time I was successful.
Much to my surprise, nothing was at the top when I arrived but flat and vibrant green grass. This time I did not panic. I did not curse God. I had acquired faith and trust on my journey, and I waited. Archangel Michael then appeared with a chest and key in his hand. I felt hesitation to put the key in, but he beckoned me to do so. I had come all this way for this moment, why the hesitation? I opened the chest and much to my surprise all that resided was a folded note on white paper.
More anticipation bubbled now that I had something else to open. The information on the paper must be ancient and sacred, surely. I opened it and in bold letters it said, LET GO.
I felt confused. You mean I came all this way for two words? I glared at AA Michael, and he smiled. Two words I have surely heard before. What kind of gift is this? What am I supposed to do with this?
And as quickly as he had come, he was gone.
I spent a few days stubbornly trying to figure things out. What do I let go of? Everything? Does God really think I can just let go? How do I even do it? I have a family to feed, you know. This is just unrealistic.
I decided to lay down. As I was in those moments right before sleep, I suddenly got it. I understood everything.
Without hesitation I ran, and I jumped. I jumped right off the mountain.
“Sara what were you thinking?!” you may say. “You could have died!” Oh, I knew the risk when I jumped. However, when I jumped, I didn’t fall. I grew wings and I soared. Suddenly tons of Angels surrounded me and flew with me. I flew and I flew, and I didn’t stop flying until I landed directly into my dreams.
I continued to live life this way. I let go and let God. I don’t force and I don’t search. I don’t push and I don’t fight. I follow my heart. I honor my body and intuition. I have full faith and trust in the Divine. I let things flow.
And I am at peace.
Just let go.

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