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Jul 12, 2023

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Remember that Simpsons episode where Homer loses his driver's license and has to walk to go to Moe's? If you haven't watched it, you could probably watch clips of it on YouTube or watch the episode on Disney+. What's interesting about this story is that Homer is pissed at first but later learns to love walking.

The Simpsons fans would remember Homer being the couched potato. Remember that Treehouse of Horror episode where the family is forced to live in a house where there is "no TV" and "no beer" which makes Homer "crazy?" He literally grabs an axe and attempts to kill his family, killing Groundskeeper Willie in the process. Homer, in the episode where he is forced to walk starts loving it. It makes the episode more memorable as it brings a side to this character that's different.

What's important in this episode is that it explains walking is fun. It is definitely healthy! It helps your legs moving, your body moving, your blood moving. It helps you lose body mass.

Mass is the amount of matter present in the body.

Weight is the gravitational pull of the body.

Don't forget that.

You are more likely to live when you are walking. You are less likely to contract heart diseases. A walking body will help you switch to a more healthy lifestyle. As you lose mass, you will get more motivation to get slimmer. You could go from walking to brisk walking to running.

Sadly, in America, cities and suburbs are designed in a way that doesn't promote walking. In some neighborhoods, particularly the suburbs, you drive to work, to get groceries, to socialize. There are some areas where walk lanes don't exist. Lack of public transportation makes it less of a reason for some folks to get their feet moving. Cities like Houston and Los Angeles are designed car-friendly.

Even if you live in the suburbs, you have the luxury to walk peacefully if you want to. In cities, you have options! The streets, the parks, the commute, public transportation, one train to the other. The point is, walking helps a lot not just physically but mentally for the human body. You will feel more energized, more motivated, more healthier.
Keep walking!

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Philip Ebuluofor2023-07-14 06:16 UTC

I walked a lot from our house to during my secondary school days. I looked like twenty years while fifty. Initially, I hated still do to some extent but it doesn't disturb anymore to that extent. Height and body weigh has to agree. Fine work.

Afsheen Shah2023-07-13 11:06 UTC

Walking outside really helps me feel grounded and less stressed.

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