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Is Self-Love a Waste of Time?
Aug 5, 2021

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Self love is often used interchangeably with self-care.
Self-care in my understanding is ensuring that we are taking care of our basic needs.
Things like taking a shower, making sure we eat, and stay hydrated.
The more physical aspects of ensuring we are in a good place.
Self Love on the other hand is much harder to describe.
From what I have seen a person with true self love radiates an inner confidence that is attractive and undeniable!
They can light up a room with just their presence!
Do you want to know their secret?
They understand that what they put into the world is what they will get back!
By deeply knowing how valuable you are and loving yourself you become someone others want to be around.
You start to realize that YOU are the person lighting up the room!
So is loving yourself a waste of time?
Or is it a way plant seeds of a healthy lifestyle, ensuring clear communication and right relationships?

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