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Is Life on Earth Just a Simulation?
Dec 13, 2023

Reading time 5 min.

Have you ever had an interest in spirituality? Have you ever questioned if that was your deceased grandmother trying to communicate with you? Have you ever heard that life is a video game? Have you ever heard that life is just a simulation? Let me give you, my piece.
Understanding that we are spiritual beings and understanding components of spirituality will become imperative. Many things are hard to understand and even believe, which is why Divine intervention (the Awakening) is necessary.
As the earth and its inhabitants undergo a clearing of karma, things are intense. Many violent and destructive things are happening across the world that would have people questioning God. Some people may be wondering what is going on. Others may be continuing their pessimistic cycle of thinking, “things will never change.”
You may have heard the term “mass awakening,” that the Earth is undergoing a great awakening. That sounds like an intense and potentially scary thing, but I assure you it is not. It is quite the opposite.
The Great Awakening is all about coming back to self and remembering our Divine roots. There are people on Earth who still think that a human is all that they are. Imagine that! Being a human being on Earth encompasses only one small part of who we are. The awakening is when the amnesia is lifted, and we understand it’s so much more but so simple at the same time. “Who are we then?” you may ask. We are divine beings of light. We are consciousness.
Let me explain.
At the very core, we are beings of consciousness, we are energy. We encompass a soul that is who we are. Therefore, we can embody a vessel-aka a human body (or something else!). I won’t get into the something else part quite yet.
The soul has an ascension journey to embark on. Earth is a wonderful school for that and often times why we end up here. We start off as a young soul not knowing how to be a moral individual.
We have specific things we must work on collectively and individually and it is all kept track of. Every lifetime you come back to earth is another opportunity to heal, learn, and ascend. When you are done with one life time you undergo a life review with a council to review successes and what you can work on next time around.
Going to Earth is voluntary however and our spirits know how challenging it is here. You are a strong individual to sign up to come to Earth to help yourself grow and help the collective.
While we are here, we have a soul mission, often times we get tripped up assuming that is our purpose. We try so hard to find our purpose that it ails us. When we follow our interests, passions, and talents, we will know exactly what we are meant to do. Our body and higher self give us clues in many different ways. Always listen to yourself, when you don’t want to do something or are not interested in something, it is important. We have been conditioned to go against ourselves and that is what created the society we live in today. Anyways.
To help us learn lessons and heal ancestral wounds within our lineage we are sometimes reincarnated as men, sometimes women, sometimes a victim, sometimes an offender. If you are reading this, I am sure you have had many lifetimes on earth. Life I said, we just don’t remember it because that’s part of the game. We have an amnesia put upon us once we leave the womb and we win the prize if we can heal enough to lift the amnesia. When you actively work to heal and be the best person morally and ethically, it just all starts coming together.
Everyone is spiritual, therefore. Plants and animals too. Trees have a consciousness and can be telepathically communicated with. Yes, plants and animals can telepathically talk to us.
Anyways, there is a council you discuss your life with. They decide that Earth will be the best place for you to learn the particular slew of lessons allotted to you this time around. You get to have a say in who will be your parents and siblings, friends etc. All the information is placed within your Akashic record which upon meditation you can have access to.
So, boom. There are certain events, encounters, etc. that are set in stone, but we also have free will. Often there are many different pathways we can take to reach the accomplishment of a lesson. Free will also means that opportunities to learn and change will pop up and you do not have to take them. However, no need to feel guilty. We are always where we are meant to be.
Divine timing is also part of it. Because they know the plan, spirit is always guiding you to your highest and best timeline. Everyone always gets pissed and sad when “bad” or inconvenient things happen but it’s spirits way of either protecting you or stopping you from wasting time.
It sounds like a lonely and difficult endeavor but what some people don’t understand is that we are sent here with lots of help. Everyone has access to it too. It is just that our minds have been filled with so much clutter we can hardly hear the help! Then we even question our body and our intuition!
What I am saying is that we are sent here with a spirit team working with us constantly. We have a guardian angel, spirit guide, (the number of those may vary), passed loved ones who stick with us, ancestors, angels, archangels, beings of divine light.
Because we have free will, spirit cannot do everything for us and make decisions for us. We are always guided, loved, and protected. Spirit is literally always working in our favor as they know the plan and the end goal. They know you well.
Since we have free will we have to ask spirit for more help. In the morning you can wake up and say, “dear guardian angel, I allow you to intervene with my free will to guide me to my highest timeline. Again though, spirit can only do so much.
We are not just here on Earth for no reason. We are here to work on ourselves. We are here to heal ourselves and our lineage. We are here to collectively work together to better our living space. It is not a video game we just have to get through. If that is your perspective, then you will be coming back to Earth a bunch!
We are here to enjoy our time on Earth. We get to enjoy food, emotions, relationships with others, listen to music, run barefoot in the grass, kiss the lips of our lover, feel the cool water of a creek, and much more. The angels devote their life to God and doing work for us. They do not get to taste food. They wonder why we take so many things for granted.
That is all I will go into today. Please let me know what questions you have in the meantime before my next posting! I love you all so much. I always aim to make your life easier, and you are allowed to think I’m crazy!

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