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How to heal past trauma and succeed from a spiritualist mindset

Mar 15, 2023
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How to heal past trauma and succeed from a spiritualist mindset

Author: Rita Hojnik

How to heal past trauma and succeed from a spiritualist mindset..

As a counsellor, we use many different modalities to work alongside our clients to assist them through difficult situations stemming from traumatic experiences throughout any given stage of their lives.
I’ve been looking at other modalities to see how we can go that extra mile to view healing from trauma from a more spiritualist perspective and it’s been an amazing journey.I found the foundations and some age old methods of healing to be potentially beneficial in vast ways.

According to the late Deloris Cannon, when we die we re-incararnate, further our souls reincarnate anytime up to two weeks in the spirit realm. After that, the soul is set into a new biological form someplace in the universe. New life begins and we come with nothing more than the energy that we are...and our past life karma. Everything we do in each life brings on karmic reaction.

Either we are creating negative karma, which we will pay back in another life, or we are creating positive karma. We will be rewarded for positive karma in another life as well. Then there are the life lessons which will never stop until we reach nirvana or the end of our soul’s journey. So, there we are stuck in a cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Within all that we are experiencing trauma in each life which can be connected to this past life karma or a life lesson.
But once that is over, how do we continue living a life of success and happiness, getting beyond the negative experiences? First understand everything is a cycle. Once that cycle is over, we do not have to worry if life will improve, because it will. Second, understand that nothing is permanent and whatever has happened to you can be chalked up as the past and that is that.

Allowing past experiences to control a future that is not yet set in stone, is absurd.
It sounds easy, I know, but the majority of how you can and will heal is your mindset and the other half is understanding how it all works. Moving on can be simpler, if your mindset is placed in a position where it is obvious you understand the past IS the past and not your future. Only you can hold yourself back from succeeding in this life and becoming very happy too. Even science has proven that a negative mindset brings on negative energy. In fact, it is so real that this negative energy can be measured. It is completely up to you if you will allow this negativity to hold you back.

Manifestations can help you determine what your goals are and create a mindset that cannot be stopped. Everyday remind yourself of your goals to be happy and succeed for the rest of your life. Write these manifestations down and place them in areas where you can see them often. Every chance you get, remind yourself of your goals and that you will not be stopped.

The mind is trainable, and you are in control, if you know and understand this. Meditation on a daily routine level, can help heal trauma in this life as well as dilute negative karma from past lives. The Buddhist monks know this, and the ancient mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum” is chanted on a daily basis. This mantra is so powerful that simply reading it, thinking it, seeing it or any other form of acknowledgement invokes the mantra’s power.

When using meditation to help heal past trauma and succeed, you want to go with proven techniques. The most powerful meditation known to man is over 3000 years old and is simply called Mindfulness Breathing Meditation. It is done by sitting silently and still for up to 30 minutes a day and doing absolutely nothing except focusing on your breathing. In a nutshell, you think, “I am breathing in”, as you do so.
As you exhale you think, “I am breathing out”. This calms the body and mind and begins immediately. Allowing yourself to live only in the present is a very effective way of training the mind that the present is all that is real. Allow your mind to do nothing more but notice what your body is doing. Are you tensing in the shoulders, are your teeth clinched? Relax these areas where pent up energy is stored.

Let your mind relax and become real in the present. Know that your past trauma is gone and therefore no longer real and the future is up to you. Do this every day and make it a part of your life, not just a quick fix, which it is not. Your mind will begin to heal and become trained and controlled and you will become fully in charge of your future. Your life can and will see success and happiness and it will all be because you have healed naturally using proven ancient techniques. Many people, after they come to the conclusion that their current life is based on past lives, come to the conclusion that there is a reason for suffering in this life. Once that “awakening” takes place, they usually seek out spiritual help. Finding a spiritual guru to teach them further, verify their understanding and help them on down the path of life, becomes everything.

Once that acceptance happens, healing can begin. So, if you are there now, the next step is exactly what I have been talking about here. You can do it and all it takes is knowing. If you have read this far, you know now and can begin healing so that you can see success and happiness in this life. Understand that there will always be those in society and society itself, which will try and bring you down.

You can exist beyond this by raising your vibration and it all begins with the instruction I have written about here. Just knowing that society is against you is a powerful tool in your arsenal to prevent negativity from overpowering your mind. As the old saying goes, if you are prepared then you will never be caught off guard. In fact, it is those which are caught off guard because they were simply attached to ideas of how their life should go, who become overwhelmed. Knowledge is power and that goes without saying.

But this is where you become aware that all these old sayings actually have powerful meaning in your own life. It is true, the mind is a powerful tool!

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Brilliantly written 👏👏👏