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How to free oneself from addictions

Nov 12, 2021
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Nowadays, due to the skilful use of mental suggestions, assertions and induced assumptions employed by powerful corporations and their marketing strategies, more and more people are becoming addicted to all sorts of products, like medicinal drugs, cigarettes, sugar containing products, alcohol, sex and gambling to name a few.
Since all addictions are based on an underlying craving for fulfillment and the negative beliefs or habitual tendencies stored in the subconscious mind related to the object of craving, the first thing to do is to look at the messages that have been implanted into the subconscious mind, because these are the messages that we have to change.
When becoming free from an addiction, at the beginning one needs to learn how to simply form a new habitual tendency through will force. For instance, in case one wants to stop smoking, drinking or a sexual addiction, one will find that three quarters of the entire struggle in getting a new habitual tendency fixed upon the subconscious is condensed in the first week if not the first day. Here one has to use one’s will with all one’s might, but once the first battle is won, the whole process becomes easier and easier each day until one is effortlessly and permanently free.
In this part of the book I will just present a very simple method that can be used in order to re-program the subconscious to be combined with the detoxification treatments outlined in part two.
One should start by visualizing oneself in a typical situation but free of the object of addiction and repeat the following statements to oneself:
‘I deny the power of … (such and such addiction) …over my free will’.

‘I am and I feel free, completely free from … (such and such addiction)’.

‘I am and I feel free to choose my desires to my best interest’.

Since the subconscious mind is a servant of the conscious mind and it cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined, the important thing is to associate to such ‘addiction-free’ visualizations and positive statements a feeling of complete fulfillment and freedom from the object of addiction.
How to free oneself from undesired relationships
Relationships with other sentient beings always depend on the Law of Cause and Effect and the Laws of Vibration and Correspondence.
In particular, the causes driven by one’s intention that one sets in motion when dealing with other beings will have an effect and shape what kind of relationship one will have with that particular sentient being. There are indeed many methods that can be employed in order to ‘pay off’ one’s Karmic (Cause and Effect) debt with other sentient beings, but a very simple method that can be employed involves the following visualization:

Imagine yourself standing up and the person with whom you have a painful relationship in front of you naked sitting on a chair, imagine a red thread or rope that comes from you and is also tied to the other person. Now imagine to cut this thread and both of you are happy to be free of the bonding relationship. Imagine the other person thanking you and walking free away from you. Don’t mention this to the other person nor to anybody else.

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