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How to Find Time to Write Your Book
Jul 26, 2021

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I meet people almost daily who say, “I want to write my book – but I can’t find the time.” This is the reason why some people never manage to get around to authoring their book. The obstacle is a straightforward one. Other times there’s more emotions quietly bubbling beneath the surface.

•Maybe you hate writing. You can be highly talented and dazzling at many things but writing isn’t your forte. If this describes you, it’ll almost take an act of Congress to write a book yourself.

•Perhaps you enjoy writing – but you have no idea how to write a book. Your time is precious. There’s never enough to spread around. You don’t want to spend countless hours working on a book that isn’t marketable, doesn’t edify you as the leader in your niche and simply turns out to be a big waste of your valuable time.

•Or, perhaps you haven’t sorted out with crystal clarity the specific topic of your book. You have an overall idea but you’re stuck when it comes to articulating the specific niche or direction of your book.

*If you know how to do something, anything, but must figure out how to find the time, let’s talk about time management. I tell my clients if you’re willing to dedicate five to seven hours weekly to write a book you should be able to complete it in about eight to nine months. Of course this time commitment varies with how fast you type and how quickly good ideas flow into your mind.

•If this amount of time sounds manageable and you’re doing it for yourself it’s about putting in the hours. If possible, I recommend scheduling your writing hours when you seem most switched on and your brain is crackling like electricity with things to write.

•If this amount of time sounds like a prison sentence or you just don’t know where to start, your best solution is to divide your time into smaller chunks of 60 to 90 minutes daily. You may also decide to work with a Book Coach. That's what I do - please connect with me if you'd like to discover more.

•Does writing your book still sound like a punishment to be endured? Here’s a smart idea: if you have the resources it might be a good idea to work with a ghostwriter. A ghostwriter will bring that time commitment down to 60-90 minutes weekly. None of it will include writing. (I happen to know an excellent ghostwriter. Go to www.ibwguild.com for more information.)

Sometimes the issue truly is time. You’re absolutely stretched too thin and you can’t see that changing anytime soon. With other people the issue goes a little deeper than “lack of time” but time always makes a great scapegoat. After all, who among us has enough time to do everything we want to do?

Not until you determine what the roadblock is can you get going and bust through. People have the false idea they should be able to write anything with ease. After all, everyone took English back in school, right?

I’ve met countless people who don’t want to admit it – but they’re uncomfortable with writing because it was unpleasant back in school. Be honest with yourself. Fighting through it on your own could take you years. You may never get it done. What are you missing out on today in your business or career with your book still in your head or heart rather than available for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or, at the back of the room wherever you’re speaking?

Working with a pro (either a Book Coach or Ghostwriter) can help keep you motivated, accountable, focused, engaged and excited about your book. You ask for help and/or delegate other tasks that aren’t part of your skill set. If becoming a book author is important to you – check into how working with a professional can help make your book a reality.

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