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Healthy lifestyle needs healthy rituals
Jul 23, 2021

On my first visit to Bavaria, Germany, for hydrotherapy training cum a holiday, I was fortunate to meet a lady who volunteered to drive us back to the train station. We were getting late for the last train to return to Munich. On this first visit, I fell in love with European and German culture.
She shared how the European culture has its foundation in the Benedictine monastic culture.

The Benedictine is the oldest Christian religious order founded by the monk Benedict of Nursia (480AD - 547AD). During the dark ages (500 - 1500 AD), the monks preserved many ancient Greek and Latin works, such as agriculture and the arts, copying ancient manuscripts including herbal medicine, and thus preserving Western civilization.

Above all, Benedict introduced a rule that describes a healthy way of life. The regulation and healthy rituals spelled out in his rule for the monks were crucial for maintaining and recovering human health, including physical, mental, and spiritual life. This rule later became a source of culture for the entire European world.

For Benedict, physical work, and inner work (mental and spiritual) are necessary for well-being in body, mind, and spirit. To him, both work and prayer life are sacred; they are partners that enable one to live healthily - “Pray and work” (Ora et labora, in Latin). In other words - regulation of life through healthy rituals.

Healthy rituals put an order in life. Are you troubled by the chaos and stresses of modern life? Healing rituals give life security, clarity, and stability.

I wrote my second book Inner Revolution, Outer Vitality, which teaches a regulated life through healthy rituals based on the LIEW formula. Apply them to your daily life and see the difference they made to your health - body, and soul.

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