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Healing Is A Matter Of Letting Go
Jan 18, 2021

If you want to learn how to heal yourself, you need to learn how to LET GO.

There are people out there that are struggling with some kind of chronic illness or pain, and they have tried everything. All the supplements, medications, treatments, diets, and protocols.

Yet, despite DOING all the things, these people are still struggling.

Why is that so?

Well, you might know someone who is like this, or you might relate to it yourself. In today’s episode you will discover what the missing link in healing is.

The current healthcare system is not working well for people with chronic illnesses and chronic pain. Don’t get me wrong, it is fantastic for acute care! If I was hit by a bus, I would be at the ER and not meditating (well I would be doing both).

But the reason the traditional way of healing is failing so many people is because it thinks that there is something wrong with your body.

But what we know from the science of GNM is that the body doesn’t make mistakes. Mother nature is intelligent. Your symptoms are meaningful, more than that they are trying to help you cope with the stress in your life, the unconscious emotional baggage you have been holding on to.

When we recognize that stress and emotional conflicts are the real cause of physical symptoms in the body, healing becomes a matter of letting go.

Letting go of the beliefs and stories we have about ourselves, letting go of the resentment we hold towards others, and letting go of the thoughts we have that hold us back.

The key to having a healthy body is first having a healthy mind.

Letting go of all the crap that is stored in our mind and body is the most effective way to start creating a healthy mind. Today’s episode is going to talk about exactly this.



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