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Mar 12, 2022

Amelia Lousie
Core Spirit member since Mar 12, 2022
Reading time 5 min.

The topic of growth is at the forefront of most of my discussions lately. This clip resonates as I think about all the small ( and some large impactful) moments that have added up to push me to my next level of growth. The expansion has been overwhelming at times, in such a beautiful way. Reflecting on myself and my actions, my way of thinking from a few years ago to even a few months ago is something I am proud of to have evolved from. The thing with growth is — it’s not required but it should be desired. You can go on with life with your head in the sand choosing to remain unaware, stuck, afraid, avoidant and maybe survive just fine. But it’s not thriving, it’s not feeling love to your utmost capacity, it’s not being able to show up for yourself in your truth, or show up for others in your entirety or love with such power it can heal. I don’t want to live my life stuck, I don’t want to live my life numb and avoidant. I am strong and have the courage to be okay with rejection, to be okay with another heart break, to be okay with failure, to be okay with change, to be okay with the unknown…. Because otherwise what am I doing? If it’s not radiant, full, nourishing, loving, gentle, powerful, kind, honest, courageous & willing it has no place in my life. 💜💫🙏

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