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Growing Old vs Growing Up

Nov 10, 2023
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Being a kid by heart throughout your whole lifetime is the secret to eternal happiness.

The wisest beings that I’ve ever come across are children and the elderly.

Why is that?

It’s because children have not yet created limitations for themselves so they have the freedom to just be, without fear of how they will be perceived by the outside world.
And the elderly come to realize that no one ever really thought about them like they thought they did so they let go of the made-up character they sustained.

Being and doing are completely different dimensions in how people live. In being there’s higher intelligence because you’re connected to your core, in other words, to God within you. In doing, your mind takes over creating limits and fear therefore disconnects you from your core and keeps you in your head.

The secret key is you must know yourself to be able to be, or else the world will tell you who you are, and you will do everything possible to sustain that person that you’re not.

Once we allow our heads to take over, we’re allowing external things like relationships, your job, insecurities, fear of the future, traumas, opinion of others, bills, the media, or anything that is not part of us affect our inner beings and we have lost control.

We no longer have the wheel of our life, we will depend our happiness over external things which that will never bring real fulfillment only temporary pleasures and life will be like a roller coaster being controlled by people, circumstances, things, or anything that should NOT have power over us.

That’s why we have to keep that kid inside of us and do what they do, spread love, live in the moment, accept things and people just how they are without labeling good or evil. Genesis 2:17

As a kid, you see the essence (truth) of things, but the system modifies your perceptions on how to view the world which causes you to create an ego disconnecting you from your soul.

Indoctrination begins once we step foot in the school system and we learn about labeling us as good or bad depending on how obedient we are, we learn made up words/definitions to suppress our psyche, we learn how to fit people into categories based on how they look, where they live, or how obedient they are, and the list goes on…

Now they have the power to say the sky is red and you’ll believe it instead of trusting your own eyes and seeing that it’s blue. In the media world, they create stories to keep you living in fear, but if your own eyes have experienced harmony and positive energy, fear will still run your life blinding you to your own experience.

Societies definition of “grow up” is just a trap. Growing up doesn’t mean to own a house, get married, have kids, get a job with good benefits, or consume materialistic stuff to prove your worth.

I see full grown adults that have all of that but are still immature.

They still react emotionally instead of developing self-control.

They are motivated by pleasure instead of being motivated by growth.

They are governed by fear instead of being governed by faith.

They encourage disunity instead of supporting unity.

They are inspired by emotions instead of being inspired by wisdom.

They still criticize themselves instead of humbly self-evaluate themselves.

This might sting because the truth isn't always pretty, but nothing will change until you become self-aware and be honest with yourself. If you find this offensive that’s a big indication that you have not grown up and your inner child is still running your adult physical body.

Growing up is not an easy task because the whole system is designed to keep us immature since we’re easier to control and get manipulated that way.

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Sending Love and Light :)

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