Jan 24, 2021

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The following, is a channelled message from Goddess Isis (12.06.17)…

“I am Isis.”

Not a weapon of mass destruction, but the Goddess of Beauty and Time - amongst many other glorious things.

I bring you messages of ‘Self-Empowerment’ – and of ‘Wisdom’ for Understanding the energies which you find yourself embedded, in your space-time - and reality complexities.

I wish to speak to you all about ‘manipulation’ and ‘control.’ These are the energies of ‘Alchemy’ and ‘Manifestation,’ which have affected the masses, currently being used to orchestrate imbalance in the world through too much focus being placed on individual desires, without a fair desire to restore and replenish the energy from which all has been created.

What I speak of, some of you may know it to be connected to what can be labeled ‘the elite.’ The Illuminati.

This energy has been misused to ‘manipulate’ and ‘control’ the thoughts of others with the purpose of material gain and keeping all the ‘physical wealth’ of the world. This in fact encompasses the energy of ‘fear’ and ‘lack.’ You need only to observe this in the mainstream advertisements that your innocent minds are exposed to. What gets you to impulsively buy something? It is the presentation of such goods, which convinces you that you are somehow in ‘lack’ - without it. This is the basis of ‘misusing’ the energies of ‘manipulation’ and ‘control’ - the energetic elements.

I am sure many of you who are reading this are familiar with the concept and natural ‘Law of Energy.’ Every thing in time and Existence consists of energy - energy is the thread that is weaved through everything, connecting everything together. We attract and repel through energy - even in the repelling there is an energetic relationship that forms, which may be observed. Everything is indeed observable.

I wish to take you all to a ‘higher perspective’ of ‘manipulation’ and ‘control’ - one that is not tainted by a low vibration and less evolved point of view, which is in fact the nature of the energy that uses these components to control others for their own gain. One that does this, has not recognised his or her own power, they are unaware that the ‘true alchemy,’ lies in the ‘vibration of the soul’ - that ‘true wealth,’ is the accumulation - of awakening the Divine Wisdom that rests in the Consciousness of the Soul - and allowing each unlocking and opening of this Divine Wisdom to be projected into the world. The one who manipulates the other for his or her, own gain is very basic indeed.

However, if you yourself are not in touch with the ‘Laws of the Universe’ that reveal the energies of time, you will find that you will always be subject to the ‘manipulation’ and ‘control’ of the other, for their demonstration is loud and in your face. Divinity is a little subtler.

The ‘illusion’ is designed to grab your attention and to move you, it is in fact the process of working outside in, whereby it is the outside environment that directs your life. However - ‘Truth’ rests within - inside the realms of the unseen. True ‘Power’ and ‘Divinity’ is about how you may ‘orchestrate’ and influence the outside world - and thus ‘manipulate’ and ‘control’ your own environment. Do you feel the difference in these two words when it comes from within?

Remove from your mind the weight that is carried and attached to these two words - ‘manipulation’ and ‘control’ is in fact ‘Alchemy.’

Stay with this concept and allow your mind to be elevated from what it feels it knows to be true about this subject, for what it has known to be true has come from the outside and like a virus has infected the inside environment. It is now necessary that you all begin to clean your ‘inner world.’ Clean your ‘inner world’ of the toxins that have been allowed to seep into your most precious ‘guidance system.’

No desire manifests without some action and influence. If you are expecting Divinity and the experience of ‘living a grand life’ to magically appear on your laps, you are heavily mistaken. Rise up and act as you are! There must be a ‘desire for change’ - before you can attain it. There must be a desire to rise above - and ‘surrender your powerlessness.’

It is time you detach from the energy of being the one who is easily manipulated and controlled - detach from ‘playing the role’ and creating the experience for the benefit of the other (who is selfish in their nature.) Begin to learn the ‘Laws of Energy’ - go inward and begin to be the alchemist of your own lives.

I am Isis.

The Goddess of Time, Beauty and Wisdom. A humble student of the Divine. A student of the teachings of Thoth. A bringer of Light and Change. Rise in your Power. It is time to Rise - so Rise!

This message was channelled through Candice Lemonius

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