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Candice Lemonius

Candice Lemonius has for many years been involved in spiritual work and the study of metaphysical and esoteric sciences. She has a strong academic and experiential background in Health, Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy and has worked with a wide and varied range of clients, helping them in their mental health, spiritual search and journey.
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About Candice Lemonius

Candice Lemonius has for many years been involved in spiritual work and the study of metaphysical and esoteric sciences. She has a strong academic and experiential background in Health, Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy and has worked with a wide and varied range of clients, helping them in their mental health, spiritual search and journey.

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Spiritual Healing
Candice Lemonius

Diagnostics & Self Healing:

This course deals specifically with addressing particular health issues on a multi-dimensional level (physical and non-physical.) The Student will be taught how to consult the Universal Library of Knowledge that can be found within, to seek answers/solutions to his/her health issues (or any other problem.) Once the root cause has been identified - we will then seek to remove all blockages and obstacles.


Educational course material will be provided throughout the course. The ‘healing process’ is ‘empowered’ by the individual’s ability to grasp and Understand the ‘alchemic healing processes’ taking place within themselves.

Practical Aids For Healing:

Students have access to our Health Consultancy network and will thus be recommended ‘practical aids’ to assist with their healing process - such aids could include particular herbs, supplements, exercises (such as yoga and tai chi) and postures etc…

Distance Healing
Candice Lemonius

During these sessions you will need to be seated or lying down - the healing session requires ‘stillness’ and ‘silence.‘ Universal Life Force Energy will then be directed to you.

The healing session lasts for a duration of 45-60mins - during the first 30 minutes the connection is established and the transference of energy begins. You are then required to ‘consolidate’ the ‘transmitted energy’ for 15-20 minutes minimum, this is achieved by lying down and resting/relaxing.

Candice Lemonius


1. These two ‘concepts’ ‘The Trans-Dimensional Human’ and ‘Trans-Humanism’ represent the next potential stage in human evolution.


2. They are opposed to one another.


3. The former ‘Trans –humanism,’ represents a ‘sleight of hand’ – the false gift of progress, which the ‘Synthetic’ offers.


4. The latter concept ‘The Trans-Dimensional Human,’ represents the ‘true path’ of ‘Humanity,’ the ‘Organic/Biological.’


5. These two concepts- the ‘Biological’ and the ‘Synthetic’ represent a ‘fundamental Duality,’ in the ‘Cosmic struggle.’


6. In ‘Trans-humanism,’ the ‘organic/biological’ is ‘subjugated’ and is ‘enslaved’ to the ‘technological’ and for it’s ‘spiritual content’ the ‘pseudo-spiritual’ of

the ‘Digital’ is substituted.


7. In the organic/biological ‘The Trans-Dimensional Human,’ ‘Humanity’ evolves along its proper organic/biological path. The true ‘spiritual dimensions’ of Humanity, are ‘properly awakened’ – ‘properly incorporated,’ into the ‘evolving’ physical/ body of ‘Humanity.’ As a result Humanity’s ‘natural’ and ‘super-natural’ powers are developed e.g. ‘Clairvoyance,’ ‘Telepathy,’ ‘Telekinesis,’ ‘Levitation,’ ‘Self-Healing’ and ‘Physical Immortality…’ along with the natural and expanding awakening in the ‘Consciousness of Humanity.’


Candice Lemonius

The following, is a channelled message from Goddess Isis (12.06.17)…

“I am Isis.”

Not a weapon of mass destruction, but the Goddess of Beauty and Time - amongst many other glorious things.

I bring you messages of ‘Self-Empowerment’ – and of ‘Wisdom’ for Understanding the energies which you find yourself embedded, in your space-time - and reality complexities.

I wish to speak to you all about ‘manipulation’ and ‘control.’ These are the energies of ‘Alchemy’ and ‘Manifestation,’ which have affected the masses, currently being used to orchestrate imbalance in the world through too much focus being placed on individual desires, without a fair desire to restore and replenish the energy from which all has been created.

What I speak of, some of you may know it to be connected to what can be labeled ‘the elite.’ The Illuminati.

This energy has been misused to ‘manipulate’ and ‘control’ the thoughts of others with the purpose of material gain and keeping all the ‘physical wealth’ of the world. This in fact encompasses the energy of ‘fear’ and ‘lack.’ You need only to observe this in the mainstream advertisements that your innocent minds are exposed to. What gets you to impulsively buy something? It is the presentation of such goods, which convinces you that you are somehow in ‘lack’ - without it. This is the basis of ‘misusing’ the energies of ‘manipulation’ and ‘control’ - the energetic elements.

I am sure many of you who are reading this are familiar with the concept and natural ‘Law of Energy.’ Every thing in time and Existence consists of energy - energy is the thread that is weaved through everything, connecting everything together. We attract and repel through energy - even in the repelling there is an energetic relationship that forms, which may be observed. Everything is indeed observable.

I wish to take you all to a ‘higher perspective’ of ‘manipulation’ and ‘control’ - one that is not tainted by a low vibration and less evolved point of view, which is in fact the nature of the energy that uses these components to control others for their own gain. One that does this, has not recognised his or her own power, they are unaware that the ‘true alchemy,’ lies in the ‘vibration of the soul’ - that ‘true wealth,’ is the accumulation - of awakening the Divine Wisdom that rests in the Consciousness of the Soul - and allowing each unlocking and opening of this Divine Wisdom to be projected into the world. The one who manipulates the other for his or her, own gain is very basic indeed.

However, if you yourself are not in touch with the ‘Laws of the Universe’ that reveal the energies of time, you will find that you will always be subject to the ‘manipulation’ and ‘control’ of the other, for their demonstration is loud and in your face. Divinity is a little subtler.

The ‘illusion’ is designed to grab your attention and to move you, it is in fact the process of working outside in, whereby it is the outside environment that directs your life. However - ‘Truth’ rests within - inside the realms of the unseen. True ‘Power’ and ‘Divinity’ is about how you may ‘orchestrate’ and influence the outside world - and thus ‘manipulate’ and ‘control’ your own environment. Do you feel the difference in these two words when it comes from within?

Remove from your mind the weight that is carried and attached to these two words - ‘manipulation’ and ‘control’ is in fact ‘Alchemy.’

Stay with this concept and allow your mind to be elevated from what it feels it knows to be true about this subject, for what it has known to be true has come from the outside and like a virus has infected the inside environment. It is now necessary that you all begin to clean your ‘inner world.’ Clean your ‘inner world’ of the toxins that have been allowed to seep into your most precious ‘guidance system.’

No desire manifests without some action and influence. If you are expecting Divinity and the experience of ‘living a grand life’ to magically appear on your laps, you are heavily mistaken. Rise up and act as you are! There must be a ‘desire for change’ - before you can attain it. There must be a desire to rise above - and ‘surrender your powerlessness.’

It is time you detach from the energy of being the one who is easily manipulated and controlled - detach from ‘playing the role’ and creating the experience for the benefit of the other (who is selfish in their nature.) Begin to learn the ‘Laws of Energy’ - go inward and begin to be the alchemist of your own lives.

I am Isis.

The Goddess of Time, Beauty and Wisdom. A humble student of the Divine. A student of the teachings of Thoth. A bringer of Light and Change. Rise in your Power. It is time to Rise - so Rise!

This message was channelled through Candice Lemonius

Candice Lemonius
(1) 'Spiritual Technology' (2) The Coming 'Spiritocracy' (3) 'Spirito-cratic' Communal Systems - The Urban Hermit

The above are three forthcoming articles - penned by the Urban Hermit. Presented here is an introduction to facilitate understanding of the themes contained in those articles.


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” (Arthur C. Clarke.) Arthur C. Clarke was not far off the point - however, the truth in the matter, is more startling still. The time has come - the development of Human Consciousness is such - that the reality about that term - which we style ‘Spirituality’ - should be properly and fully understood.


‘Spirituality’ is in actuality - a ‘Higher Dimensional Science’ - and as a ‘science’ has its own accompanying ‘Technology.’

As with all scientific disciplines - it commences with a ‘Postulate’ based on axioms and is founded on logic. As with all scientific disciplines its initial ‘Postulate’ dictates its eventual ‘scope’ and ‘field.’ By its logic, it is both internally consistent and independently self existing - which means that it can also ‘coexist’ with other systems similar to - or even antagonistic to it. A modern example in ‘science’ would be the ‘uneasy’ relationship physicists acknowledge between ‘relativity theory’ and ‘quantum mechanics.’

Regarding its technological aspects - like all technologies - it is used by individuals to manipulate ‘Space - Time’ - thus in the three dimensional world this comprises the ‘material physical existence’ and its ‘constituent elements.’

As with all technologies, it comprises ‘tools’ / ‘apparatus’ - whose exercise by these individuals - is a matter of ‘skill.’ In this sense ‘Spiritual Technology’ is no different from a ‘hammer’ and a ‘saw.’

Its difference lies in the extent, length and breadth of its application. Its ‘tools’ / ‘apparatus’ - operate openly on the ‘multi-dimensional’ level - and thus, its operation can be seen in this world (three dimensional) and in those dimensions beyond.

This ‘science’ - and its accompanying ‘Spiritual Technology’ - was initially deposited here on Earth (third dimensional realm) - but quickly became the exclusive preserve of a few - so called ‘initiates.’ The consequence of such an action was that the knowledge, power and efficacy of its use, was not widely distributed amongst the human populace - and therefore as with all artificially restrained organic processes - which human consciousness is - its knowledge, became ‘inbred’ - its efficiency ‘faltered’ - its ‘understanding’ ‘died.’

In its place was replaced ‘God’ - by so called ‘gods’ - who created ‘God Systems’ - to act as ‘conduits’ - not just for the knowledge of this ‘Spiritual Technology’ - but as conduits for its ‘Power,’ which they monopolised.

Over millennia - this process too ‘degenerated’ - into full blown ‘Religion’ - ‘ignorance’ and ‘superstition’.

There were many ‘tributaries’ of these changes which manifested in a variety of ways - Shamanism - Magic - Alchemy - old style Paganism - orthodox religious worship and so on. This is not to belittle the usefulness of these ‘tributaries’ - but all without exception were subject to ‘God Systems’ and the limits that ‘God Systems’ impose upon the Consciousness of those subject, to those ‘God Systems.’


‘God Systems’ often have a peculiar and pernicious effect on Human Consciousness - this is not to belittle the attainment and achievements of such ‘God Systems’ - but they were always clearly intended by the ‘Cosmos’ - ‘Cosmic Evolution’ - ‘Consciousness Evolution’ - to be merely temporary (even though they spanned many millennia.)

Human Consciousness - is a self regulating system - whilst Human Consciousness may allow itself to be ‘fooled’ its eventual path cannot be denied.

The ascent of Humanity is such and the state of its Human Consciousness is such - that it is ready to assume ‘a Truth’ - (despite popular conception there exists many ‘parallel truths’ - if one is speaking in terms of ‘Higher Dimensional’ / ‘Hyper Dimensional’ existences) thus we can only truly speak of ‘a Truth’ - and even that with extreme caution.


To start this process of definition – you must first - empty your mind – of all previous ‘understandings’ – ‘conceptions’ – and ‘meanings’ – of the word ‘Spirit’ – as you have been used to use it.

In brief – ‘Spiritual Technology’ can be regarded as having two aspects to be considered, when starting from the common / general understanding of the terms ‘God’ - ‘Spirituality’ and ‘Religion.’

Starting from current conceptions of those terms, we can define ‘Spiritual Technology’ as being –

1. The ‘removal’ of ‘Religion’ - from both ‘God’ and ‘Spirituality’ - this leaves you with a concept of ‘God’ and ‘Spirituality’ - without ‘Religion.’

2. The ‘removal’ of ‘God’ - from ‘Spirituality’ – this leaves you with the pure form – metaphysical form of ‘Spirituality’ – without ‘God’ or ‘Religion.’

Can you conceive of such a thing?

What we have attempted to define, is a concept of ‘Spirit’ without the ‘god made’ - ‘man formulated’ - accretions of ‘God’ and ‘Religion’ – some will ask - how can that be? - Those who believe in ‘God’ will say - ‘how can anything precede ‘God?’’ – and how is it possible to access ‘God’ without a systemic set of beliefs and practices?

To those who do not believe in ‘God,’ these arguments are irrelevant and therefore I do not address their considerations at this point.

By taking this Trinity of - ‘Spirituality,’ - ‘God,’ ‘Religion’ – and ‘removing’ all considerations of ‘God’ and ‘Religion’ – we are left with in essence a ‘raw power,’ as yet undefined.

The nearest current idea / conception of this ‘raw power’ would be the Daoist conception of the Dao, of which by practice the Daoist says nothing more in terms of defining its nature. The Daoist proceeds by way of ‘allusion,’ by ‘analogy’ to nature - and so forth.

Our conception of ‘Spirit’ therefore, cannot be assimilated with the Dao - since we shall seek to say something of this ‘Spirit’s’ nature. Furthermore, we shall define it as a ‘Technology’ – in addition, to being a ‘Universal Force.’

If there is to be any analogy used by us – it is with this modern conception of ‘Technology’ – in the sense that, it can be ‘wielded’ by an individual and used for and in ‘practical application’ – since this is very much a ‘practical spirituality.’

However, before we can do this – we must, as we have tried to do, strip away all conceptions of ‘God’ and ‘Religion.’

In view of its open rejection of heretofore definitions - with regards to the concept of ‘Spirit’ - we cautiously refer to the above as a ‘working definition.’


‘Spiritocracy’ - is a community of individual humans - whose lives are governed by the proper ‘understanding’ of ‘Spiritual Technology.’ It was therefore incumbent upon us to define what we mean by ‘Spiritual Technology’ (which we have done above) - in order to understand, how this can be the basis of a human community.


We define ‘Spirito-cratic Communities,’ as being communities inhabited by ‘spiritual beings.’ In this category of Beings - we include the human race.

However, having said that - it can be plainly and truthfully said - that there does not exist a single ‘Spirito-cratic Community’ on Planet Earth.

Without exception, humans today do not exist in ‘sovereignty’ - but exist in ‘bondage.’ Humans are not only slaves but are betrayed by their leaders / representatives at every turn. This is inevitable and will result in any ‘human social community’ - where there does not exist - ‘Telepathy.’ In the absence of ‘Telepathy’ - exercised by every single individual as a ‘skill’ - you will be lied to by your leaders and betrayed - since they can lie to you with impunity - there can be no substitute for this necessary form of accountability, with regards to human societal organisation.


All talk of ‘Individual Sovereignty’ without ‘Telepathy’ – is folly – its (‘Individual Sovereignty’) achievement - a fallacy.

True ‘Individual Sovereignty’ – is more than the political conception of this term. Most people limit this conception to its political considerations only. However, it also has a ‘biological’ conception - this finds expression in the human act / ‘skill’ of ‘Telepathy’ – which is at once ‘biological’ and ‘technical.’ This is the true ‘biotechnology’ of the human being – it is in fact, an expression of the reality of the human being – namely, that the human being is a spiritual being – and its true technology is ‘Spiritual Technology.’

Therefore, it is essential that this ‘skill’ is first ‘attained’ - by all those who would seek to exist in a ‘Spirito-cratic Community.’

The acquisition of this ‘skill’ is entirely natural and biological - it is not exceptional - and every single human being has the ability to attain this ‘skill.’

Therefore, one must ask - where has this ‘skill’ gone and why has it disappeared?

This is not the place to answer fully that question - save to say - that the ‘gods’ - who operated their ‘God Systems ’ - interfered with the ‘natural progression’ of Humanity.

One of the consequences of this interference was the general loss of the skill of ‘Telepathy.’ Another consequence - was the rapid degeneration of the ‘human form’ and structure (the human body suit - which is a technology) and which led to significantly reduced life spans for virtually all of Humanity - from existences of thousands and hundreds of years to decades.

Those who perpetrated such acts (gods) will of course have their own ‘personal excuses’ - and ‘self interests’ - they have obviously calculated - that by such action they will ultimately benefit in terms of the ‘Universally Operative Cosmic Calculus’ (UOCC). In human terms one would style this an ‘ethical’ or ‘moral’ consideration. In terms of ‘Spiritual Technology’ - it is simply a ‘calculation’ which Higher Intelligences / Beings routinely make in their ‘Trans-Dimensional’ activities across the ‘Multi-verse.’


Whilst there is no single universal model of a ‘Spirito-cratic Community’ - there is an essence - a ‘golden thread’ which runs through all ‘Sprito-cratic Communities.’ It is the concept of the ‘Trans-Dimensional Sovereignly Integrated Being’ - in a phrase, it is the truly ‘Sovereign Individual.’

To be a truly ‘Sovereign Being’ - one must be ‘Trans-Dimensional’ - having fully integrated all other ‘Trans-Dimensional bodies.’ This is a prerequisite for becoming a ‘Sovereignly Integrated Being.’

Therefore the ‘Spirito-cratic Community’ is a community of ‘Sovereignly Integrated Beings.’ This is not a simple matter. It is an Existence which extends far beyond conceptions of ‘morality,’ ‘ethics,’ ‘being good,’ ‘being kind,’ ‘obeying the law’ etc… It is a mastery by a community of a profound ‘paradox.’ This ‘paradox’ is expressed in societal / communal terms namely - how can truly ‘Sovereign Independent Beings’ exist in a community?


Humanity, in its present state cannot - and never will in its current state of consciousness resolve that ‘paradox.’ Human Societies can swap ‘fascism’ - for ‘communism’ - for ‘democracy’ - for ‘libertarianism’ - or try ‘socialism’ or even ‘theocracy’ - there is no ‘ism’ currently in Existence – and the cycle of failure, is an inevitable, never ending – series of conflicts - guaranteed because of the current state of Human Consciousness - therefore - there can be no Utopia.

An understanding of ‘Spiritual Technology’ – and a mastery of its elements – the acquisition of ‘Telepathy’ – are all essential prerequisites to becoming a ‘Sovereignly Integrated Being’ and therefore being a member of a ‘Spirito-cratic Community.’

The coming of ‘Spiritocracy’ - is not ‘prophesy,’ since there is no process currently operative in human societies, which has the ability to bring it about.

This and succeeding articles are merely a laying bare of what is required for Humanity to ‘evolve’ to its ‘next phase.’ Is that evolution guaranteed? – A silly question – since if Humanity fails – who will know? – Who will care? - Since a species which fails to properly understand its environment (in this case - the nature of ‘Spirit’) - will cease to exist.

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Spiritual Healing
Candice Lemonius
Distance Healing
Candice Lemonius


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New article (1) 'Spiritual Technology' (2) The Coming 'Spiritocracy' (3) 'Spirito-cratic' Communal Systems - The Urban Hermit already available! Read it now