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Crystal Toys And Orgasmic Meditation

May 31, 2018
Jean Murray
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Many people grew up with religions which taught us sex and spirituality do not go together. But there are in fact many practices that combine both. For millennia, people have used sex to be mindful, feel connected to other people, and increase their awareness. And you do not need to be a part of any religion to do that.

“When we have intimate and sexual contact, several things are happening physiologically and hormonally inside us, which makes us feel a sense of an elevated state of consciousness,” Sexuality Researcher, Educator, and Therapist Markie L. C. Twist, Ph.D. says.

“When we have a flooding of endorphins and oxytocin through sexual intimacy, we feel a flood of emotions that make us feel good and a sense of euphoria because of the endorphins, and we also feel bonded and close to our partner(s) because of the oxytocin.” It also functions the other way round, she adds: meditating and doing different things to boost your consciousness may improve your emotions and bodily sensations during intercourse.

Many traditions from all around the world have taken advantage of sex hormonal advantages for our spiritual well-being. Here are a few practices you can test if you would like to make sex more spiritual.

Basically, Tantric doctrine states that we’re able to get higher spiritual conditions through specific energies in our own bodies. Tantric sex moves include breathing in sync and having sex with your chests, stomachs, and hands touching.

Orgasmic Meditation, also known as “OM,” is a partnered mindfulness practice where somebody strokes the upper left quadrant of the partner’s clit for 13 minutes. The aim is for both partners to observe every small feeling that appears in their own bodies. In that way, it is in fact a meditation. By learning to detect things, you are more attuned to your environment long after you leave the bedroom.

Some think crystals possess religious properties which produce the energy of every unique stone rub off (literally, in this case). That’s the doctrine behind crystal sex toys like Chakrubs: When you expose your body to the gentleness of rose quartz or the potency of Indigo, you will consume those qualities yourself. It sounds out there, however, after attempting the Chakrubs rose wand, I’m not questioning it.

I heard about this technique through this O’actually interview with sex, love, and dating coach Amanda Testa. The notion is that because your doubts and insecurities have been gone during climax, it is the ideal time to manifest something in your life, that is, help create it with your mind. When you are going to climax, envision something you truly want. The more vividly you envision it, the idea goes, the more probable it is to occur. Or if this seems overly woo-woo for you, try to think positive ideas that you need to remain with you subsequently.

Who knows to what extent these methods will work for you, but some people swear by them and in the very least they seem fun.

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