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Nov 21, 2023

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Whenever we hear or speak of the word prosperity, we almost always think about the state of acquired or attained wealth, in some ways that is acceptable and quite the norm, but it is not the only form of prosperity we can attain. I’m sorry, but this may tend to be a deal breaker for many because of the current global economic challenges which seem to be one of the after-effects of the coronavirus. However, let’s carefully examine the word in its purest and concise state, let’s be honest about its twofold meaning, and decide which one best describes our impression and outlook. In the Bible God told man to be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the earth, now we can argue that God meant for man to now produce more of his kind by the process of pro-creation, however, I have a slightly different argument. In the first instance He God said to be fruitful; let us consider this as the first of five truths, To be fruitful means to become in nature productive, it means to have the desire to reproduce, and it also means to replicate or duplicate one’s efforts. Herein lies the mystery; one can be fruitful in many disciplines of life, in business, in skill and artistry, in investments, in shopping, in negotiating a business deal, and one can have a fruitful vacation or time off. My point is simply this; I believe, that God was commanding man to have an attitude and a mindset of fruitfulness in all aspects of life he was about to experience. Here’s an example or two; Colonel Sanders was being fruitful when after retirement from the army, he took his mother’s fried chicken recipe and made it into a household name. Michael Jordan was fruitful when his style of play, tenacity, and passion for the game of basketball took it to a whole other level on and off the court. He spawned a new generation of superstars like Kobe and LeBron, and everyone wanted to “be like Mike”.
Secondly, He God said to multiply; this basically meant to increase in numbers or volume. The largest franchises in the world have largely succeeded because of this principled law; Subway, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and Wendy’s, to name a few, have all multiplied by setting up shop all over the planet; you have to have a vision for growth and expansion that would eventually touch the world. Thirdly, He God said, replenish the earth. The term replenish simply means to refill, reload, refresh, and re-supply. Here’s the point; once you become fruitful and you begin to multiply that fruit, then it is incumbent on you to keep producing and reproducing the same fruit or product with the same mindset over and over again. You must become consistent with the product or produce, Mercedes Benz will not compromise on the quality and style of their finished vehicles, because it is their brand to the needs and the desires of the world. Truth number 4, always have a heart of gratitude for the opportunity to produce; just for being here, always embrace the moments that you can be thankful for, and never take anything or anyone for granted. The more grateful we become, the more innate and virtuous the values we add to our lives, we would need those in the moments when life throws us a curve ball or we feel the need for something magnanimous to happen. Finally, there is truth number 5, this is like the proverbial icing on the cake and requires discipline because it could mean our success or failure. It’s humility, this childlike state of mind has historically been the catalyst for many successes, and its absence has been the cause of many failures. Humility gives us the ability to have a teachable spirit, it also helps us make sound judgments about people and things, it increases our ability to keep our feet on the ground, and it brings clarity in moments of doubt and uncertainty. When we combine these five truths together and embark upon the journey of life, our purpose becomes clear and fulfilling, and our destiny takes shape with a path that more often than not will lead to prosperity.

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