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Where To Now?

Apr 24, 2020

I have been experiencing an influx of fear and uncertainty radiating around me. I have been following the Spiritual Community on Reddit, and the posts are mainly resonating the same type of questions around the energies that we are currently feeling in one way or another.

I have spent many hours in contemplation and meditation to ensure that I was doing the right thing with regards to sharing my spiritual talents with others. I am aware that there are so many people searching for answers and I have turned to the Creator of All requesting Universal Energy for Guidance through this difficult time.

I would like to share the following message with love, light and blessings to all those whom this will resonate with.

The Numerology number for date and time of my reading add up to number 11, which is a Master Number. The message that this number carries is that we need to master our lives by aiming high at everything that we do; to become the very best that we can be.

With regards to the Astrological Transits, the major transit for April 2020 is Jupiter Conjunct Pluto. We need to be very careful not to jump to any conclusions this month because Pluto rules the unconscious; that which we fear; and Jupiter, the planet of expansion; is expanding that energy of fear.

Our affirmation this month: “The Cave That You Fear Has The Greatest Treasures” - Joseph Campbell.

My Tarot Spread, “Where To Now” is based on the following questions that I put out to the Universe:

  1. A reflection of what we are trying to accomplish.

  2. The experience we are having in our attempts to accomplish our goal.

  3. Our earthly challenge.

  4. Unconscious hurdles.

  5. Changes that would benefit our plan.

  6. Expected results by implementing our plan.

The message is:

We need to create a solid foundation and continue to manifest happiness, and continue to push forward through this banner of fear; whilst utilizing our skills to achieve our own personal brand of magic.

With the current state of affairs COVID 19; together with the Pluto/Jupiter transit, there is a huge bubble of fear encapsulating Mother Earth. Together, we need to create light, and be aware that fear in only the enslavement of the mind.

As for the changes. This will be the end of a karmic cycle and we are entering a new phase of growth and we are continually being guided to receive spiritual clarity.

This is a time for transformation, so we need to evaluate our thoughts and our truths; a time for absolution, evaluation and reflection; making a decision and applying it through hard work; investing time in self. We need to work hard on our craft, being completely dedicated to our task so that we can remain stable and grounded.

I personally believe that if we all make the most of our spiritual gifts with absolute passion, continue to have faith even when it is so dark and the light seems so far away. Most of us know that the darkest part of the night is just before the dawn. We are almost there….


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