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Fast Track Your Dreams With Energy Clearing
Sep 14, 2020

Your Past Thoughts, Emotions & Beliefs Hold You Back

Did you know that you are still carrying around every negative emotion you’ve ever had, energetically? Your auric field and subconscious mind act like record keepers and store a lifetime of information.

Those familiar with the Law of Attraction know that we attract what we think about, our thoughts create a vibration that is transmitted to the universe. The universe matches the frequency and returns it with matching thoughts, people, and situations.

Our emotions are also creating a vibration that is matched by the universe, including the feelings that we haven’t let go of from the past. If you are still carrying an emotional charge to situations from the past, you are unintentionally attracting more of the same emotions and experiences to yourself right now.

By transmitting mixed signals to the universe you create resistance towards your goals and dreams. Your conscious focus could be abundance, but the unconscious signal to the universe could be lack based on past thoughts, feelings, and experiences that are still lurking in your energy field and subconscious mind.

This slows down the manifestation process because the universe has to guide you around the resistance to your goals. You can still achieve your goals with this resistance, it’s just a much slower process.

Your current conscious thoughts and focus can overpower the negative energy you are carrying from the past, but wouldn’t it be easier if you just let go?

The answer is, of course, yes! You don’t have to clear out the past, but it does make everything else easier if you do. Looking at life through the lens of our past skews our ability to really see the present moment.

Looking at Life Through The Lens Of Pain

For example, if you are betrayed in a relationship most people take suspicion and jealousy with them into their next relationship. They carry mistrust as protection, even though the new person didn’t do anything to warrant their mistrust.

These types of relationships often don’t work out because of the ‘baggage’ one person brought into the relationship. Unfortunately, this can cause resentment in the person that was accused without cause, and they, in turn, might take this ‘baggage’ into their next relationship.

Imagine after experiencing a betrayal being able to let go of all of the pain, hurt and negative feelings. You still carry the memory and lessons from the situation, but all of the emotional baggage and triggers are gone. From this clearer space, you can see your new relationship for what it is and see your current partner for who they are, not as someone who could also hurt you.

How much more could this relationship bloom if you entered with a clean slate? What if both people entered with a clean slate? How many relationships would last longer if both parties had a way to release their past? Now expand that to other areas of your life.

What if you could walk into your next job, free of past failures?

What if you could start your next diet without a self-defeating attitude?

What if you could look at a money-making venture without fear of loss and failure?

What if you could interact with family members free of irritability and the ability to be triggered?

Break Free From Your Limitations

These might seem ridiculous to you now and impossible to obtain without decades of inner work that is hard, unpleasant, and tedious. It doesn’t have to be.

When you work on these issues at the energetic level, where everything is created, negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs can be eliminated in minutes. The best part is that the best energy clearing modalities are simple and fast.

You are not required to sit and talk about your problems, ‘face’ difficult memories, or wait for years to see real change. Once you isolate what the core belief or memory is that is creating the unwanted results in your life, dissolving it is the easy part.

There are dozens of energetic healing modalities that are doing this for people right now. Many of them are offered by practitioners on this site. Over the years, I’ve tried over 30 different energy clearing tools and techniques.

My top recommendations are Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, the Sedona Method, The Release Technique, Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) and Flower Essences are also a good tool to have available.

My number one recommendation is the energy clearing modality that has been able to find and release things no other clearing modality was able to. Ancestral Clearing has made such a huge difference in my life that I became a practitioner. It unlocked my inhibitions to offer my gifts and talents to the world. It works faster and deeper than anything else that I’ve tried.

If you want to manifest your dreams faster and with more ease, I highly suggest getting started right away. Now that you’ve learned that there are transformations energy clearing modalities available to you, I will leave you with my favorite quote from Buddha; ‘Pain is certain, suffering is optional.’

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