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5 Easy Ways to Burn Fat Fast
Feb 22, 2020

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Body fat has earned itself a pretty bad reputation in health and fitness circles. But, before you go trying to get rid of every last ounce of fat, you should understand how much of it your body needs to function at its best. Yes, you read that right: You need to have a certain amount of fat in your body to maintain optimum health. So, how much do you actually need? The answer depends on a few factors like your age and biological sex.

In general, women need a higher percentage of body fat just to survive. When factors like reproductive functions are considered, that number gets higher. Most healthy females should strive to maintain levels between 21 percent and 30 percent. The male body can run on less fat, so guys should have body fat levels that make up between 14 and 24 percent of their total mass.

Just knowing how much body fat is acceptable should put your mind at ease. Take steps to determine your body composition by using a specially designed scale, have measurements taken by a personal trainer, or using an online calculator. Now that you have a reference to help guide your fat loss plans, go ahead and give a few of these fat-burning tips a try.

5 Ways To Burn Fat Fast

1. Use Strength Training

Your total body composition includes two basic components: fat and non-fat tissue. That non-fat includes lean muscles, organs, bones, and fluids. These are also known as lean tissues. They work to convert calories into energy, which fat tissue does not.

Increasing the proportion of lean tissue to fatty tissue is a surefire way to burn fat quickly. Include strength training in your exercise routine at least three days a week. You don’t have to hit the gym if you really don’t want to. There are plenty of bodyweight exercises that build muscle just fine.

2. Drink Responsibly

There are two sides to this equation. First, you want to minimize empty liquid calories. These come in the form of alcohol and sugary drinks. Then, maximize the opportunity to flush out waste by upping your good fluid intake. That would be water. Aim for at least eight full glasses each day to keep all systems running at peak performance.

3. Cut Down on Refined Carbs

While a balanced diet, with foods from all the food groups, is ideal for maintaining overall health, there is one food you can pretty much cut out of your diet with no negative consequences. And that is refined carbs. Think of things like highly processed flours and sugars. They are quickly converted to fat stores within your body, so eliminating them will help with fat loss goals.

4. Get a Caffeine Boost

There is evidence that caffeine works to boost metabolism and curb your appetite. It is a key component of many fat burners for that very reason.

5. Try Intermittent Fasting

You have undoubtedly heard about the health benefits associated with fasting. If you have been on the fence about this trend, it may be time to jump in. Not only does it promote weight and fat loss, but it is also linked to longer lifespans and better cognitive performance. The 16⁄8 and 5⁄2 plans are the most popular version of intermittent fasting right now, and both are relatively easy to adopt.

Keeping the Fat Off

It isn’t enough to simply lower your body fat percentages. You want to keep it off, too. Adopting some new habits and making them part of an overall healthy lifestyle can help.

Aim to get about eight hours of sleep each night. This will give your body a chance to rest and recover, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle a new day.

Find exercises that you actually enjoy. After all, the most effective fitness routine is the one you will stick to over time.

Finally, make sure you fuel your activity. Eat a well-balanced diet that focuses on whole foods and be sure to stay hydrated.

When you set goals to lower body fat levels, make sure you take essential fat into consideration to avoid risking your health. Although overnight results would be great, be realistic and expect to work at building lean muscle while eliminating fat stores for the best results.

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